Do Fans Still Want to See Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga Together?

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga created such fairytale-like chemistry in A Star is Born that fans seem to be awaiting their real-life happily ever after. 

Released in October 2018, A Star is Born took the world by storm by earning a ton of nominations and awards, including the Oscar for Best Original Song with “Shallow.” Cooper and Gaga’s characters Jackson and Ally lit up the screen with their romance, winning the hearts of many. As a result, fans want more

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga | Photo by VALERIE MACON/AFP/Getty Images

The love between Jackson and Ally may have been fictional, but fans are convinced that there’s a heart-shaped spark between Cooper and Lady Gaga that is undeniably genuine. 

Nothing more than movie magic?

With their characters’ chemistry as Jackson and Ally as well as a poignant Oscars performance, it was hard for fans to believe that the co-stars weren’t crazy in love in reality. Lady Gaga has publicly denied any sort of romantic relationship blooming between Cooper and herself. 

The pair met several years prior to the production of A Star is Born. Cooper watched Lady Gaga perform at a charity event and knew instantly that she was the perfect fit for the lead role in his film. Interestingly enough, Jackson and Ally meet under very similar circumstances in the film. 

Bradley Cooper dated model Irina Shayk for several years. However, their relationship was constantly rumored to be on the rocks since October of last year. The two have since separated.

Lady Gaga was previously engaged to talent agent, Christian Carino, but ended the relationship after two years together. This coincidence drove fans wild with the idea that a Cooper/Gaga romance might actually come true when both the co-stars became single.

Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga
Bradley Cooper and Lady Gaga | Photo by Kevin Mazur/Getty Images

… Or something bigger than the silver screen?

It’s undeniable that the pair share an incredible sense of chemistry as demonstrated in their performance at the Oscars. Gaga and Cooper forged such an incredibly tight bond during production that fans were left wondering if some larger forces were at play here. During several interviews, the actors praised each other with such passion that it was hard to believe that they didn’t have some sort of cosmic connection. 

Fans also believe that Lady Gaga had something to do with the ending of Cooper’s and Shayk’s relationship, a rumor that deeply hurt the “Born This Way” singer. Sources claim that the disintegration of Cooper’s relationship and Gaga’s engagement were completely unrelated, however. 

A love story not written in the stars

To the great dismay of every fan who was hoping for “Bradga” to become a reality, Lady Gaga was recently spotted with audio engineer, Dan Horton. Witnesses reported that the pair seemed very passionate together, kissing throughout their brunch date. Horton and Gaga have been working together since the late fall of 2018. 

Meanwhile, Cooper and Shayk are remaining civil and friendly together in order to co-parent and share custody of their daughter, Lea de Seine. 

So, overall, it seems like the romance between Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper is something that only exists on the silver screen. It looks like this pair’s love story will not be written in the stars anytime soon.