Do Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez Get Along With Each Other’s Exes?

Breaking-up is hard to do. Sometimes it leaves you feeling like you never want to see the other person again. But in cases where children are involved, you’re connected with that person for life whether you like it or not.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez both have kids from previous marriages. How does the newly engaged couple handle trying to co-parent with other people? Do they get along, or does it cause fights? Let’s take a look at the situation.

Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez
Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez | Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images

Who is Jennifer Lopez’s ex?

Although she’s been married three times, only one marriage produced kids. Lopez has two children, a set of twins, born in 2008, which she shares with her ex-husband, Marc Anthony. They have a daughter, Emme, and a son, Maximillian (Max).

The twins were born after Lopez struggled for years with infertility, and are a huge blessing in her life. Unfortunately, the marriage to Anthony didn’t last. After over 10 years together, the couple split in 2014. They now share custody of the children.

Who is Alex Rodriguez’s ex?

In 2002, Rodriguez married Cynthia Scurtis, and the couple had two children together. Natasha was born in 2004, and Ella joined the family in 2008.

After allegations from Scurtis that Rodriguez had “emotionally abandoned” both her, the marriage ended in divorce. Rodriguez is still very much involved with his children, and he shares custody with Scurtis.

How does the past affect Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez’s relationship?

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The fact that both Lopez and Rodriguez have children with other people probably makes it easier, in a way. They’re able to understand what it’s like from both perspectives, being the ex, and the new stepparent.

Some blended families don’t have this advantage if the stepparent doesn’t have children of their own. This may be why Lopez and Rodriguez seem so close, they’re able to understand one another in multiple ways. What it’s like to be a parent, and to have a marriage end- they’ve been through similar experiences.

Do Jennifer Lopez and Alex Rodriguez get along with their exes?

When Rodriguez’s daughter, Natasha, graduated from middle school recently, it called for a family get-together. Rodriguez, Lopez, and Natasha’s mother, Scurtis, all attended the graduation together. They even captured the moment in a group photo posted to Instagram. “How is my beautiful angel going to be a freshman in High School?” Rodriguez captioned the photo. “Congrats Tashi, we love you!”

A source told Hollywood Life that Rodriguez is pleased that Lopez and his ex-wife are able to get along really well. “It made his day to have his whole family celebrating together for his daughter’s special day,” the source said. “Alex has a fantastic relationship with Jen’s ex Marc, which is so important to him because he loves her kids as much as he loves her and wants to have a special relationship with their father, too.”

The couple also spend time with Lopez’s ex, Anthony, when the twins have events. The group all attended a recital for Max recently, and Rodriguez made another Instagram post to document the occasion. In a video, you can see both Lopez and Anthony singing along to the children’s song.  

It seems that Lopez and Rodriguez have no problem getting together with their exes to support the kids.

The same source also commented, “One of the things Alex cherishes and respects so much about Jen is that she understands how to con-parent responsibly and has a great relationship with Marc, just like he has formed with Cynthia.”

Now that’s what co-parenting is all about.