Do Jon and Kate Gosselin From ‘Jon & Kate Plus 8’ Speak To Each Other?

When Jon & Kate Plus 8 first debuted on TLC back in 2008, fans were intrigued by Jon and Kate Gosselin and their eight kiddos. Though their lives seemed hectic and a bit overwhelming, it was clear that the couple had a system down pact and were trying to do what was best for their children –sextuplets Aaden, Alexis, Leah, Collin, Hannah and Joel and twins, Maddie and Cara. Unfortunately, fame and their super-sized lives caused a significant strain on the couple’s marriage, and they divorced very bitterly in 2009 after ten years together.

During the divorce, Kate was awarded full custody of all-eight children and Jon seemed to spiral out of control, partying– acting out and leaving his ex-wife to raise the kids herself. Now, ten years after their divorce, two of the sextuplets Hannah and Collin live with their father while the other six children have minimal contact with Jon. Throughout their divorce and the custody hearings following, both Jon and Kate hurled insults and accusations at one another, but are the former couple able to speak and get along today?

Jon and Kate still don’t speak

Though it’s been many years since their divorce, old wounds have not healed for Jon and Kate. At WE tv’s Real Love: Relationship Reality TV’s Past, Present & Future panel in Dec. 2018, Jon revealed that he has no contact with his other six children nor with his ex-wife. He explained, “The other four aren’t talking to me, but they’re talking to Hannah, It’s what the kids want to do. If they don’t want to talk to me, that’s fine, as long as they keep up with their sibling connections.” He also explained why he and Kate don’t communicate saying, “It’s too much right now.”

Though Jon has grown from his party days, at present, Jon and Kate Gosselin cannot be in the same room with one another. In 2017, they had a very public spat at an orthodontist’s office. An insider told Entertainment Tonight that the former married couple’s hatred for one another has deep roots and there is a ton of resentment on both sides. The source explained, “[They] will never agree about how to raise the children. The source also revealed that they “absolutely despise one another and can’t stand to even be in the same room.”

Kate doesn’t speak to her parents either

Until he passed away in 2005, both Jon and Kate were extremely close to Jon’s father Thomas Gosselin, but the same cannot be said for Kate’s parents. Kate’s sister Kendra Wilber explained to the Daily Mail that she and her family have been estranged from her sister for many years. She revealed, “I guess we weren’t totally on board with what was going on with the kids, I guess we weren’t excited enough for her and were concerned about her family, We are just normal everyday people and she doesn’t want us to be part of her life.”

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