Do ‘The View’ Hosts Meghan McCain and Joy Behar Get Along Off Air?

One of the most unique things about The View is the ability for the hosts to discuss different political viewpoints. Most political shows these days only lean toward one side or the other, and The View‘s collection of differing opinions has likely been the reason for such high ratings for so many years. However, political discussions can quickly turn heated, and nobody knows that better than Meghan McCain and Joy Behar. Do the two women get along off air?

The View hosts
‘The View’ hosts | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty Images

Meghan McCain and Joy Behar almost always have opposing view points

One of The View’s most important aspects is that it allows women to have differing opinions. While the show is more liberal than conservative, and so is its audience, it still does its best to find both sides of a political debate. Meghan McCain and Abby Huntsman are the show’s conservative hosts, while Joy Behar, Whoopi Goldberg, and Sonny Hostin lean liberally. Goldberg serves as the show’s moderator, so she tends to stay out of the toughest parts of the discussions and brings everyone back down to earth after an argument. But McCain and Behar almost never see eye to eye when it comes to politics, and it can’t be hidden.

The two women have lashed out on air

As expected, differing political opinions can lead to heated exchanges. And nobody knows that better than Behar and McCain. On the show, the two often butt heads because they both have very staunch, opposing views. McCain often lets her temper get the best of her, and during one exchange, when she felt Behar wasn’t letting her speak her mind, she lashed out. “Can I say something now?… Do I have permission to speak now?” she asked, clearly directed at Behar. Goldberg, as the moderator, often has to get between the two to settle things down. And there have been times when McCain’s face is visibly red with frustration.

Despite the drama, the two seem to get along when the cameras aren’t rolling

Although the on-air arguments would put anyone at odds, sources close to the hosts suggest they actually do get along when the cameras stop rolling. According to People, the hosts do disagree on air, but they bounce back behind the scenes. “The truth is, Meghan and Joy like each other and get along more often than not — they just don’t agree on their politics,” a source told the magazine. It’s hard to believe those heated debates don’t get the best of them, but after all, they are professionals.

The women on ‘The View’ reportedly get along behind the scenes.

They don’t need to be best friends — they’re coworkers

It’s important to note that although the women need to be cordial to one another, they don’t necessarily need to be best friends. They’re coworkers, so in the work place, they should always respect one another. But the same as any coworkers, the women don’t need to get drinks outside of work or carve out time for one another in their schedules. The only thing that matters is that they keep the ratings up and don’t attack each other too much, right? But it’s good to know they get along behind the scenes.

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