Do People Compare Prince Harry and Prince William?

Prince William and Prince Harry have both grown up to be men that their mother, Princess Diana, would have been amazingly proud of. They are generous, compassionate, and they strive to be the best they can every day, inspiring people all over the world.

The royal brothers are also close friends, and they have a great relationship that includes supporting each other when needed, giving each other advice, and of course, plenty of playful banter! However, although they are indeed close, they are still two very different people, each unique in a special way.

While they both spread love, joy, and happiness in everything they do, we still wonder if people compare Prince William and his younger brother, Prince Harry?

How close exactly are the two princes?

Let’s begin by taking into consideration just how close Princes William and Harry actually are! At just three years apart in age, the brothers grew up reaching many milestones at the same time and were always there to cheer each other on.

When they lost Diana, so tragically and suddenly, it likely made them even closer, as they were each other’s rock at that difficult time in their lives. Both of the brothers could understand what the other was going through and could support each other in ways that no one else could.

Are Prince William and Prince Harry similar in many ways?

The two princes have very distinctive personalities. Growing up, William seemed to be a little more focused on his education, taking his studies slightly more serious than his younger brother.

Harry, on the other hand, was known to let loose just a little more, always looking for a fun time to be had! While neither of them neglected their responsibilities or royal duties in any way, we can say that William was a little more grounded than Harry.

Are their lives very much alike?

For years after William married Kate Middleton, Harry was known as the world’s most eligible bachelor. While William was busy growing his family with Kate and focusing on parental duties, Harry had a few serious girlfriends and was a regular fixture on the party scene.

He was pretty much free to do as he liked, as he didn’t have a wife or children at the time. Now that Harry is married to Meghan Markle, and the couple is expecting their first child, his life is becoming a little more like William’s with each passing day.

Do people compare the two princes?

Fortunately, it does not seem that many people compare William and Harry! Most everyone understands that each one of them has their own perspective on royal life and their ways of connecting with the public. While both brothers are determined to keep spreading the love that Diana did many years ago, they each do it in their own unique way and the world loves their individuality!

William and Harry each have special qualities that make them exceptional people, such as the fact that Harry is almost like a big kid and relates so well to children, and William is extremely level-headed and great at solving problems.

It is a good thing that William and Harry are so different

While we are glad that people don’t tend to compare the two princes, we are even more glad about the fact that they have distinct differences! It gives us the best of both worlds, as it would be pretty boring if William and Harry were exactly alike!

We enjoy everything that each of the royal brothers has to offer, and although they are extremely different, we have to say that we love them both equally!