Do Prince William and Kate Middleton Have a New Feud With Prince Harry and Meghan Markle?

Prince William and Prince Harry were thick as thieves growing up, but within the last several years, the brothers have slowly started to distance themselves from each other. That is, if the rumors are to be believed.

Ever since Prince Harry started dating Meghan Markle, a subtle shift in the way that the media portrays relations between the brothers has been occurring. Rather than quieting down over the passage of time, the feud rumors have only been intensifying.

Now, with a whole new era of public outrage directed towards Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan, a brand-new feud could be in progress between the royal brothers.

What have Prince Harry and Prince William feuded about in the past?

Prince William and Prince Harry
Prince William and Prince Harry | Eddie Mulholland – WPA Pool/Getty Images

There’s no doubt that Prince Harry and Prince William have very different personalities. Prince William, the heir to the throne, has always acted much more reserved and calculated than his impulsive, fun-loving younger brother. While these differences have always served to endear them to the public, when Prince Harry met and fell in love with an American actress — Markle — it caused some serious discord between Prince Harry and his older brother.

Reportedly, the seeds of a feud were first planted when Prince William didn’t immediately warm to Prince Harry’s new love. According to royal sources, Prince Harry was angry that his brother didn’t treat Markle with more generosity, and Prince Charles had to step in order to smooth things over between them. 

Things intensified when Prince Harry informed Prince William that he wanted to marry Markle. Reportedly, Prince William advised him that he should be cautious when making such a big commitment. Although Prince William likely meant his advice in the best way possible, it is believed that Prince Harry was hurt and upset by the suggestion that he should take things slower.

Over the next year and a half, the feud rumors only got worse, and when Prince Harry and Duchess Meghan separated their household from Prince William and Duchess Kate’s, many believed that their relationship was fractured. 

Is there a new feud between Prince Harry and Prince William?

Prince Harry’s reputation has suffered in the past few months, along with Markle’s. The royal, who has become an activist for environmental awareness, has been heavily criticized for his repeated use of private jets. Interestingly enough, in the midst of the turmoil about private jet use, news broke that Prince William and Kate Middleton were spotted along with their three children on a budget flight.

The message was clear: Prince William doesn’t mind taking public transportation, even if Prince Harry does. This coincidence could have been a one-time thing, but then a second incident occurred that could give the new feud rumors some credence.

Only weeks after it was reported that Prince Harry and Markle visited a local pub (a rumor that was debunked by those in the know) a news story released revealing Prince William and Middleton regularly enjoy low-key nights out at one of their local pubs. The story about Prince William and Middleton detailed how friendly the royal couple is and that they just look “like an ordinary family.” One thing is clear: These conflicting reports are only serving to portray the Cambridges in a much more appealing light than the Sussexes. 

What could the future relationship of Prince William and Prince Harry look like?

It is hard to know what the relationship between Prince Harry and Prince William could look like in the future. Still, with Prince Harry and Markle’s visit to Africa just around the corner, perhaps the distance will give them both some time to reflect and consider their next steps.