Do Prince William and Kate Middleton Really Have a Right to The Throne?

The British line of succession isn’t really all that hard to understand. Everyone has a place in line, and when the person in front of you passes on, that is when you take the throne.

Right now, Queen Elizabeth is the ruling monarch. Upon her death, her oldest son, Prince Charles, becomes king. When Prince Charles passes away, his oldest son, Prince William, gets the crown. Then it passes to his oldest child, and so forth. Pretty simple? Well, not so much.

While the ruling monarch in the United Kingdom certainly does not get elected by members of the public, it turns out that times are changing from the way they were many years in the past. Becoming the king or queen is no longer a right like it was for Queen Elizabeth over 60 years ago.

As it turns out, there are new reports saying that the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge may not automatically become king and queen upon Prince Charles’s death. So, do Prince William and Kate Middleton really have a right to the throne?

Becoming a monarch used to be a given

Prince William and Kate Middleton pose for the official tour portrait for their trip to Canada and California in the Garden's of Clarence House.
Prince William and Kate Middleton | Chris Jackson / Getty Images for St James’s Palace

It used to be that the day someone was born, everyone knew that they were a future king or queen. Given that it passed on from one generation to the next, there was really no question as to who would one day be the ruling monarch.

Nowadays, the International Business Times reports, that it is no longer a right. Royal expert Katie Nicholl says that instead of just being handed the honor, Prince William and Duchess Kate will have to prove that they are worthy of the British throne. This is a perfect example of how the monarchy is becoming more modern, and Prince William and Duchess Kate will have to show everyone that they will most definitely live up to their expectations.

Prince William and Kate Middleton are well on their way to becoming king and queen

Although they most likely won’t be king and queen for quite a few years at least, Prince William and Duchess Kate are already doing a wonderful job at proving that they can serve their country well. They have a huge fan base, drawing enormous crowds whenever they make an appearance.

According to CNBC, they are truly dedicated to their royal duties and carry them out with the dignity that we would expect from them. Both the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge do extensive charity work and are involved in organizations including the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, National AIDS Trust, the Countryside Foundation for Education, and many more.

They reach out to people in need, visiting schools and hospitals, and doing everything that they can to make a positive difference in the world. 

Prince William and Kate Middleton avoid scandal

Although the British tabloids can be pretty harsh, the duke and duchess have managed to keep themselves away from the negative spotlight. The Mercury News reports that there was recently a cheating scandal involving the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, but, for the most part, they are a pretty drama-free royal couple. Everything that they do is well-received by members of the public and the news media, and they are great at keeping up a positive image.

Do Prince William and Kate Middleton really have a right to the throne?

We have to say that if anyone deserves to take the throne, it is definitely Prince William and Kate Middleton. They devote much of their time to royal duties, and they are overall excellent people who will do a great job of representing the United Kingdom. Chances are, the royal couple will one day take become king and queen, and we have to say, we are definitely looking forward to seeing them do so.