Do Prince William and Kate Middleton Regret Breaking Up?

Although Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, seem to enjoy one of the happiest marriages around, just like any couple, they’ve experienced their ups and downs. It might come as a surprise to those who adore the royal pair to know they actually broke up at one point, long before they got engaged, or tied the knot in grand style at their televised wedding ceremony. Do they ever regret the break up and spending those few months apart?

Why did Prince William and Kate Middleton break up?

Prince William and Kate Middleton’s relationship started way back in the early 2000s when they were both attending St. Andrews University. While the earliest days of their relationship were kept well under wraps, thanks to the relative privacy of campus life, they were photographed together on a ski trip in 2004, and it started the tabloid fervor about the couple.

Prince William was already big news in the British press, especially since the untimely death of Princess Diana, and any relationship of his would undoubtedly draw widespread attention. Kate Middleton, born into an upper-middle-class family, wasn’t a royal herself, but hardly a “commoner,” as many reports suggested. Either way, she was clearly smart, capable, lovely, and graceful – seemingly the ideal match for Prince William. 

The two were even roommates for a while in college and went on to date long-distance following graduation when Prince William went to work for the military. It seems like the time apart combined with the immense pressure from the tabloids created a rift in the young couple’s relationship, and in March 2007, they called it quits. They never really gave a reason for the split, although there has been speculation, and it does seem as though Prince William was the one to initiate the breakup. Whatever the reason, it ended up being rather short-lived – they ended up getting back together in July of the same year.

Do they regret their breakup?

Prince William and Kate Middleton dated for three more years before Prince William finally popped the question to the beautiful brunette – with his late mother, Princess Diana’s sapphire and diamond ring. The two were married in April 2011, and the rest is history. They have since welcomed three children, and seem to be as happy as can be. Fans have wondered if the lessons they learned during their time apart were able to ultimately bring them closer together and if they ever regret their brief split.

In fact, the royal pair did address their breakup, during their engagement interview. Kate Middleton actually stated that while she wasn’t happy about their breakup at the time (seemingly confirming that Prince William had been the one to call it quits), she was able to grow as a person and learn things about herself that she might not have been able to otherwise. She also admitted since they had both been very young, they had both been quite consumed by the relationship, and the time apart was likely a valuable thing for both of them.

So it would seem, based on Kate Middleton’s admission, that neither she nor Prince William regrets the brief hiccup in their relationship. After all, it led them to where they are today, with three adorable children, a happy marriage, and the whole world at their feet. As to the rumors of whether they will be welcoming a fourth child – while those are currently unsubstantiated, only time will tell. Prince William and Kate Middleton’s love story has been going strong for almost two decades and is clearly far from over.