Do Prince William and Prince Harry Get Along With Camilla Behind the Scenes?

Family life can be complicated – everyone knows that. Whether it is a small argument or some sort of resentment that lasts for years, it is difficult to find a group of people that are a perfect family with no drama whatsoever. Often times, we forget that the royals are just like us. They are a large group who have their arguments as well as their ups and downs.

Given the fact that the royals live their lives in the public eye, things can get a little out of hand. The news media can portray a simple disagreement as being a major, full-blown fight. They can even publish things that aren’t even true at all. 

When Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced, he was free to marry his mistress of many years, Camilla Parker-Bowles. Although this may not have happened until years later, Princes William and Harry were faced with a new family dynamic where they had a new stepmother and step-siblings.

The media likes to paint a drama-filled picture regarding William and Harry’s relationship with Camilla, however, according to some sources close to the family, it is actually quite the opposite. So, do Princes William and Harry get along with Camilla behind the scenes?

Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall
Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall | UK Press Pool/UK Press via Getty Images

They were extremely close to Diana

There is no hiding the fact that William and Harry were extremely close to their mother, Princess Diana. The looks on their faces during her funeral service, which was broadcast around the world, were absolutely heartbreaking. Losing a parent at any age is beyond difficult, and the two princes had the added pressure of having billions of people watch them as they mourned.

The boys loved their mother more than words can say, and according to Popsugar, they miss her tremendously. To this day, over two decades after her death, they do whatever they can to ensure that her legacy lives on forever.

Why is it rumored that William and Harry do not get along with Camilla?

Ever since Charles and Camilla married in 2005, we have been hearing rumors that William and Harry do not get along with the Duchess of Cornwall. Even so, she shows up at all of the important events in their lives. Camilla was present for William and Kate’s wedding, as well as Harry and Meghan’s, and she happily smiled at the christenings of all of their children.

So, why are there rumors that they don’t get along? According to International Business Times, royal fans have long thought that the princes had a bad relationship with their stepmother because they blamed her for splitting their parents up.

However, the truth is that Camilla isn’t trying to replace Diana, something that William and Harry are well aware of.

Do Prince William and Prince Harry get along with Camilla behind the scenes?

It most certainly appears that they do. Despite all of the rumors and misconceptions, William and Harry actually have a great relationship with Camilla. In fact, Express reports that several people close to the royal family have revealed in a new documentary that the princes “adore” their father’s wife.

Also, they get along with her children, something that is extremely important for any blended family. Harry and Will acknowledge the fact that the media gives everyone the illusion that they don’t like Camilla, with Harry going as far as to say that she’s in a difficult position. From what we can see, Camilla is a kind, loving, and generous person.

Not only does she have a great relationship with William and Harry, but she seems to get along great with Meghan and Kate. Looks like everyone is just one big, happy family.