Do Taylor Swift and Kanye West Still Hate Each Other?

Since 2009, Taylor Swift and Kanye West have been part of one of the longest-standing celebrity feuds in history. Although they seem to be totally different, both in terms of personal style and artistic expression, they have crossed paths multiple times over the past decade. Things might never be totally at peace between West and Swift, but for now, here’s a rundown of the red-hot rivalry between a pop princess and an award-winning rapper. 

How did their feud begin?

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In 2009, Taylor Swift was just bursting onto the music scene and was already making a name for herself as a master of lyrical expression and catchy melodies. At the 2009 MTV Music Video Awards, Swift was on stage accepting her award for “Best Female Video,” when she got an unexpected surprise. Kanye West, who was also in attendance at the awards show, had jumped on stage with her and quickly claimed the microphone before she even had a chance to react. In his now infamous speech, West proclaimed that Beyonce, who had been nominated for “Best Female Video” along with Swift, had been robbed of the award, and that her video was “one of the best of all time.”

The audience seemed utterly flabbergasted, and Swift seemed confused. By the time West finished his rant, Swift’s time for her speech was over, and the incident became worldwide news. Numerous celebrities weighed in as well, voicing their support for Taylor Swift and expressing disapproval over West’s behavior.

Kanye West apologizes to Swift

Whether it was the flurry of backlash that he received almost instantly or whether he was genuinely contrite, West reportedly called Swift personally to apologize for taking over her speech in late 2009. For a while, it seemed as though all was forgiven.

By late 2010, West and Swift were on the outs again, with West claiming that he was never truly sorry for the incident and that Swift was trying to profit from the publicity surrounding it. While fatherhood might have mellowed many men, it did not have that effect on Kanye West, and in his last official interview before becoming a father, he said that he had no regrets over his behavior that night. 

The feud reignites 

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2015 was a year of peace between Kanye West and Taylor Swift. The two even sparked rumors of a musical collaboration after they were seen eating together. In August 2015, Swift was the one who presented West with the coveted Video Vanguard Award, in a moment that caused much social media buzz.

All good things don’t last forever, and in early 2016, West dropped a track that changed everything, again. His song ‘Famous’ included a lyric that directly references Swift, stating that West “made that b**** famous.” The internet freaked out, but West insisted that he and Swift had a conversation about the song before it’s release and she was totally fine with the controversial lyrics. Swift was quick to respond and stated that she had never been made aware of the actual song lyrics – the implication being that she never would have been okay with such a harsh lyric. West’s wife, Kim Kardashian West, even got in on the action when she publicly stated that Swift knew what the lyrics were and that she was making a big deal out of nothing.

Where do they stand now?

Swift reacted in 2017 with a strong, defiant message, when she dropped her album ‘Reputation.’ The album featured several songs that fans believed alluded to the West drama and a music video that even featured Swift wearing her 2009 MTV Awards outfit when West had stormed the stage to steal her moment. 

West never responded publicly to the video or to the ‘Reputation’ album, and according to his wife, their feud could actually be over. In a recent interview, Kim Kardashian West stated that the feud was over and that they have all moved on. However, it is Hollywood, and in the world of celebrity feuds, anything can happen.