Do the Duggar Men Change Diapers? ‘Counting On’ Fans Weigh In

The Duggar family is one of the United States’ largest families, but there is a reason for that. It’s because the family lives very traditionally; they are extremely religious, and they tend to start having children as soon as they are married. However, they also believe that men should traditionally go out and do work while women stay home to care for the kids. It’s had some Counting On fans wonder: Do the Duggar men change diapers?

John David, Josiah, and Joseph Duggar
John David, Josiah, and Joseph Duggar | Ida Mae Astute/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

All of the older Duggar sons are already married

The Duggars don’t wait long to start courting once they enter adulthood. For the most part, all of the children are married by the time they’re in their mid-twenties. John-David Duggar was the oldest when he wed at 29, but now, he and his wife are expecting their first child. This year, Josh Duggar, Ben Seewald, Josiah Duggar, Joseph Duggar, John-David Duggar, and Austin Forsyth all announced pregnancies alongside their wives. Sadly, Austin Forsyth and Joy Duggar lost their baby at 20 weeks, though they are still parents to their young son, Gideon.

Traditionally, Duggar women care for the children

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When the Duggars get married, the women usually take on the role of housewife while their husbands take on the role of working man. The kids were raised by Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar, who practiced this tradition in their own family. Jim Bob Duggar worked in real estate and made a lot of money for the family, while Michelle Duggar stayed home and cared for all 19 children. Now, as the Duggar kids are growing up, it’s becoming clear that this is the way they are raising their own families, too. Jill, Jessa, Jinger, and Joy are all stay-at-home mothers, along with Abbie, Anna, Kendra, and Lauren.

‘Counting On’ fans think that some Duggar husbands definitely change diapers

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When it comes to taking care of babies, changing diapers is a very common task. However, with the Duggars living so traditionally, some have wondered whether their husbands actually change diapers at all. “Ben definitely does. Jeremy May have a couple of times. Joy said Austin changed diapers while she was recovering from her C-section. Joe probably does occasionally,” one Reddit user theorized. (Ben Seewald is Jessa Duggar’s husband.) “I think Ben has definitely changed his fair share of diapers,” another user added. Fans seem to think that Jeremy Vuolo, Jinger’s husband, changes diapers occasionally, and they seem to come to that conclusion about most of the husbands.  

Fans tended to agree that Josh has never changed a diaper  

Fans were in agreement about Ben Seewald changing diapers, but many of them were in agreement that Josh Duggar does not — though we can’t confirm whether he does or doesn’t. Josh arguably has the worst reputation among any of the Duggars for his sexual abuse problems that occurred when he was younger. And since he wasn’t faithful to his wife, it seems he’d be the least likely to help out with the children. “We all know [Josh] wasn’t changing any diapers,” one user wrote. “I can’t imagine Josh was changing diapers to begin with,” the original poster also said.