Do the Hosts of ‘The View’ Respect Meghan McCain’s Opinions?

There have been a few reasons for the success of The View over the past 22 years. As the earliest reviews mentioned, it was unusual to see smart, successful women discussing issues amongst themselves on TV. In a word, the Barbara Walters concept filled a void and was a winner from the start.

Still, the show has veered off-track at several points. One example came as Walters was leaving and producers decided bringing Jenny McCarthy aboard would be a good idea. (It wasn’t.)

Other ratings lulls came when the show strayed from the original concept of mixing in younger guests with older pros. When producers brought in Meghan McCain to add youth and a conservative viewpoint (not to mention a brand-name) in one stroke, the show seemed to find its way again.

However, in recent months, with Whoopi Goldberg away dealing with pneumonia, McCain has struggled to find her voice and, in some cases, the respect of her co-hosts. You might wonder if they hold her in the same esteem they do other members of the panel.

As moderator, Joy Behar has shut down McCain for interruptions and ‘fits.’

Meghan McCain joined ‘The View’ as a co-host in 2017.| Heidi Gutman/ABC via Getty Images

With Goldberg out, Joy Behar has taken the reins as moderator on The View, and it hasn’t been easy. On several occasions, she’s had to call out McCain for interrupting and talking over guests. In one tense exchange in February, Behar shut down McCain for what she described as “a hissy fit.”

That led to McCain staying silent for the remainder of the show and taking her complaints to producers afterward, according to a report. To the 76-year-old Behar, it might have seemed odd for a colleague to do the equivalent of telling on her to the principal (especially when they saw it live).

But you might say McCain’s biggest problem on the show is her lack of professionalism. Too often, she treats the audience to opinions based on broad assumptions. That was painfully apparent on March 4, when Washington Gov. Jay Inslee picked apart her arguments on climate policy.

If the audience of The View wanted to hear conservative talking points, we imagine they’d turn on CNN or Fox News. McCain isn’t impressing her colleagues that way. During a March 7 discussion about Rep. Ilhan Omar, she seemed to take the approach of “whoever cries first, wins.”

When she couldn’t win an argument, McCain tried crying.

Lorena Bobbitt is a guest on ABC’s ‘The View,’ Tuesday, February 12, 2019. | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/ABC via Getty Images

In a discussion about Rep. Omar and a House resolution condemning antisemitism, McCain again brought weak talking points to what became a grown-up debate. The dicussion elevated after co-host Sunny Hostin cut through some clutter in the arguments of both McCain and Behar.

When Hostin made her point (at 6:30 in the video) about the “selective outrage” over the issue she deemed “a distraction,” you hear the studio audience respond as studio audiences do upon hearing a good argument. (They applauded enthusiastically.)

After asking Behar for permission to respond to Hostin, McCain again went to her talking points. But Behar quickly interrupted to point out the president’s comfort-level with dictators around the world. (More applause from the audience.)

At that point (8:45 in the video), McCain tried to work herself to tears — though few came out — over the issue of antisemitism. You can see both Behar and Hostin ignoring her (in McCain’s words) “emotional” response. (Abby Huntsman dropped out of the conversation much earlier.)

In this segment, you can see why The View needs Whoopi back so badly. She might have more patience with McCain (whose father was Whoopi’s friend). At this point, it’s hard to believe Behar and Hostin respect the young, conservative voice on the show. And it’s hard to blame them.

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