Do the Kardashians Make Photoshop Fails on Purpose?

In a time when it’s becoming almost impossible to tell reality from fake in pictures posted on social media, the Kardashians suddenly factor into a similar argument. Well, they’re not doing anything egregious like posting fake new pics or telling political lies (as far as we know). What they have done is appear to occasionally use photo editing tools on pictures of themselves to perhaps hide a blemish or two.

The one Kardashian who’s been called out on this the most is Khloé, who apparently uses a photo editing tool once in a while before posting pics on her Instagram.

While we probably have bigger fish to fry in scoping out fakes, fans want to know if these Photoshop fails are real mistakes or intentional.

One photo editing fail gave Khloé multiple fingers

No, we’re not talking about Khloé’s Instagram followers giving her multiple fingers for something she posted. It was a picture she posted of herself in the guise of Diana Ross after attending latter’s 75th birthday party celebration in early April.

In the photo, you can clearly see something was edited on Khloé’s hands. Whatever went wrong seemed to give her multiple fingers on each hand as an impression her finger count came to 14.

Commenters quickly jumped on this with caustic comments, which isn’t surprising considering Photoshop fails aren’t rare. We see them far too often in even professional marketing ads, proving how they can sometimes get past photo editors with supposedly keen eyes.

Here, Khloé seemed to want to hide something on her hands, a trick she’s been accused of in another Instagram pic.

Two thumbs as Photoshop error, or just a trick of the camera?

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Back in January, there was a photo of Khloé touching her newly blonde hair with what appeared to be more digitally edited fingers. Her right hand displayed two thumbs, either proving Photoshop usage or just motion blur.

Some fans argued intensely over making a big deal over nothing and saying it was likely from movement of her thumb. Others figured Khloé must have a personal problem with her hands and perhaps tries to fix them without professional adeptness.

It makes you wonder what’s up here and why there were Photoshop errors in several Kardashian photos after several years of posting regularly on Instagram. Other fans wonder if we’ll start seeing similar things with Kim Kardashian’s photos, or with the other sisters.

Is this just another sly push to create more buzz for their photos?

From all indications, the other Kardashians aren’t using photo editing

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As seemingly innocuous as this is, it does raise a bigger point: Have photo editing tools become so easy to use that they’re being used by celebrities to alter their appearance on social media?

With A-list fashion magazines clearly still using Photoshop on models so their waists look thinner, the Kardashians and similar celebrities may be bypassing hiring a photo editor and doing it themselves. Even celebrities have called out this practice when done in magazines. Nevertheless, fans are more than a little astute when Khloé Kardashian appears to edit.

The problem is, Khloé doesn’t want to admit she’s altered photos of herself. She even turned off her comment section on Instagram because of the accusations.

All for publicity, or harmless editing?

We all know the Kardashians live hard for publicity, and it makes Photoshop fails like this appear to be just another call for attention. From the other side of things, it could be looked at as trying to reshape reality for a public already suspect about what they see online.

When it’s coming from a Kardashian, you can also argue it’s much ado about nothing when it doesn’t harm anyone. Much of the public have probably been duped countless times and didn’t know it from real Photoshop con jobs changing our interpretation of a news story.

Hopefully all the perturbed commenters will spend their time weeding out the truly serious fake images that could harm our view of what’s going on around us.