Do ‘The View’ Co-Hosts Really Want Meghan McCain to Quit the Show?

We’ve covered quite a few aspects to what’s going on behind-the-scenes with Meghan McCain on The View over the last few months. One thing we’ve noticed is some of the fighting on the show might be reality show tactics rather than completely real. Then again, we don’t doubt there’s still some serious political divides playing out in real-time.

Meghan McCain
Meghan McCain | Lou Rocco/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

Also being talked about is whether McCain feels conflicted about staying or leaving. She’s said herself she wants to stay on The View because it’s a popular forum to bring her political beliefs to a wider audience. You can also still argue she might feel more miserable returning to a place like Fox News because of her sometimes moderate stance on conservative issues.

So how should we look at this from the co-hosts’ perspective? What are they really thinking, and are there better relations behind the scenes?

Fellow hosts like Joy Behar seem to hold their tongues

One thing avid The View viewers notice is how much McCain goes after her fellow co-stars on their ideological beliefs. Joy Behar is, as we know, one of the most liberal of all the hosts. Yet, Behar has always held back telling off McCain live on air.

Rumors keep persisting, however, that all of the hosts hate McCain and can’t wait until she ever decides to quit. You might be surprised to learn this is a complete fabrication, according to sources like Gossip Cop.

The latter site has done a terrific job of weeding out hearsay from all sources and outing them as untrue. Addressing rumors on The View is just the latest out of many, outside of looking real because of the situations we see on the show every weekday.

From the outset, the tension on the set with McCain always looks like it’s about ready to explode into a fireball. When you look a little more carefully, you see there are better relations going on than viewers think.

All reports have the cast getting along well backstage

After tabloid reports of the cast hating on McCain, ABC adamantly shot back with denials. In truth, they say, even Behar and McCain get along very well when the cameras aren’t rolling.

What ABC wants everyone to know is these women are professional adults who don’t act likely petty children. They’ve probably watched enough cable news seeing the opposite to realize if they did the same, they’d be shunned by the viewing public.

To us, we see this as an outstanding sign of how we can still disagree while being civil. Seeing Behar and McCain be able to do this is even more gratifying since the public perception is they can’t.

According to a USA Today piece this last summer, Behar and McCain admitted to fighting while still managing to stay friends. They even call one another the ‘B’ word (playfully), leading many to assume it’s serious.

Are some of the fights on ‘The View’ staged?

Now that you know the cast of The View all get along and don’t want McCain to leave, what can we make of the sometimes vicious arguments the show has?

Let’s all remember this is still considered a reality show, which means they may have writers who create talking points to set up potential fights. Whether the political arguing is all for show is up for its own debate. The conversations seem spontaneous enough where it seems any arguments are off the cuff rather than planned.

Conversely, McCain must be a dream for any situation writer to create more tension and drama. When you put it all together, the edginess McCain creates is what makes The View essential viewing over the last couple of years.

If many admit watching is uncomfortable, it seems it’s the only thing keeping people glued to a TV screen nowadays, which says more about audiences than The View hosts.