Do You Need to See ‘Captain Marvel’ Before ‘Avengers: Endgame’?

One of the most popular characteristics of all Marvel movies is a brief end-credit scene involving the focus of the next character in their own standalone film.

Those of you who didn’t hold a gender bias and went to see Brie Larson as Captain Marvel may have been reintroduced to the character after some time away. After all, with Captain Marvel and Shazam once being the same character (before copyright division), there’s still some pop culture confusion with older fans.

Fortunately, Avengers: Infinity War took time to include a brief end-credits scene of Larson as Captain Marvel returning to earth to answer Nick Fury’s distress signal. If you saw that, then you had a proper reintroduction.

The good news is Captain Marvel plays a role in the upcoming Avengers: Endgame to set a similar statement.

The problem with delving into superhero franchises for the first time

We’re at the point now where the Marvel Cinematic Universe is so vast, it creates a bit of a problem for someone who hasn’t seen the movies to easily introduce each character. Most of the films have been formulated so you can watch one movie and get a sense of each superhero thanks to their interaction time.

With all the buzz about Avengers: Endgame and the marketing behind Marvel superheroes dying off, news is Larson’s Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel will be strongly involved. Due to the recent overwhelming popularity of Captain Marvel and Brie’s portrayal, it’s a sure bet she won’t be dying in Endgame.

What we don’t know is how much Danvers/Captain Marvel will be involved in the latter film. Would it be enough of an introduction to the character if some of you don’t take the time to see Captain Marvel?

Since this stellar female superhero is turning into our new female Superman, it’s worth all the effort to see the self-titled film.

The Captain Marvel character might have more to prove for skeptics

It’s a shame the initial trailer for Captain Marvel garnered so much criticism and of Larson’s acting. Many of those people who were quick to criticize ate their words when the film released and made $1 billion worldwide.

Most audiences found Larson’s depiction of Captain Marvel very relatable and a true equal of Wonder Woman. You can also safely say this version of Captain Marvel is our modern-day version of the superhero who feels like an earthly fish out of water after arriving from another universe. Of course, the biggest difference is Danvers has her memory wiped of her previous interstellar existence.

We even see a down-to-earth side with her cat, Goose. Latter joins Project Pegasus to prove not everything about this new Captain Marvel is otherworldly.

Outside of criticisms of Larson not “emoting” enough as Captain Marvel (attributable to her natural, subtle acting style), it’s all the more reason to see the standalone film as a primer on understanding this superheroine’s past.

Comic fanboys may finally be convinced in Endgame’

You can still find male fans of the Marvel universe complaining about womanizing Captain Marvel. They’re the ones who tried to rate Captain Marvel down on Rotten Tomatoes to no real avail.

No doubt many of them skipped over the standalone film, but will likely go see Avengers: Endgame when it releases. Will they finally warm to Larson’s Captain Marvel since she’ll be interacting with all the male superheroes?

If Larson makes her Danvers/Captain Marvel depiction as compelling as she did in her own film, it’ll likely help her assimilate into the fold of skeptics. For those more casual in their fandom, they can probably enjoy the female empowerment in Endgame without having to do a Captain Marvel binge-watch to catch up.

Just the idea of having another woman superhero who speaks for herself means anyone wishing for such a thing can root along through the fatal battles of the Avengers swan-song.