Do You Think These TV Classics Deserve a Reboot?

Television reboots are nothing new. Plenty of shows and sitcoms have received reboots, revivals, and spin-offs in recent years. Roseanne, for example, received a revival in 2018 with The Conners. The X-Files was brought back to mainstream television in 2016 and One Day at a Time found new life on Netflix in 2017. While the success of a television reboot hinges on a lot of factors, picking the perfect show to revitalize is half the battle. There are a few shows that, frankly, seem to be begging for a revival.

MTV’s reality TV classic, Next, is ready for a reboot

Can you think of any dating TV show that was more ahead of its time than Next? The premise was simple. A group of would-be dating partners pack into a pimped-out bus. One by one, they get to go on a date with one lucky lady or man. The object of affection can end a dating segment early by yelling, “NEXT!” The ousted suitor has to walk back to the bus, defeated after he or she spent their pre-date time talking about how they were sure to be the one to make a love connection.

Next was basically Tinder turned into a real-life experience. Contestants had one shot at making an impression, and anything they did even remotely wrong would send them right back to the bus. Think about it; it’s Tinder. This dating show could easily be digitized and rebooted with great success.

A Moonlighting reboot would fill a gap in the police procedural genre

Police procedurals are a pretty popular television genre. In fact, several shows in the genre have been on the air for over a decade. While shows like NCIS and Law & Order are great viewing options, they are a little bit dark. A reboot of Moonlighting could quickly fill a hole in the genre by providing a bit of comedy and lightness.

If you aren’t familiar with Moonlighting, you missed out. In the 1980s, Bruce Willis played David Addison,  a detective who is forced to work with Maddie Hayes, played by Cybill Shepherd. Shepherd’s character attempts to turn her tax write-off detective agency into a viable business when she finds out her accountant has embezzled the money she made. Together, along with a quirky cast of employees, they work to solve intense crimes, albeit lighter than what actual police procedurals deal with.

Could Who’s the Boss? work in the current television landscape?

Back in 2018, Judith Light, who played Angela Bower, sat down with Entertainment Tonight. Light told the outlet that no one has ever talked about a revival of Who’s the Boss?, but she wasn’t exactly against the concept. She did note that everyone from the original cast is busy working on other projects. She said, “Nobody’s really talked about it, and I don’t know. I mean, we’re all working. Tony’s got a show on Netflix, Alyssa’s working, Danny’s working, and you know, Katherine’s working, I’m not sure we’d be able to put it together. Nobody’s really talked about it, so I don’t know.”

A Who’s the Boss? revival might seem like a weird idea, but it might just be weird enough to work. The cast of Full House attempted to do it with mixed results, but the chemistry between Light and her co-star Tony Danza can’t be denied. Fans would probably tune in to see what Samantha, played by Alyssa Milano and Jonathan, played by Danny Pintauro have been up to since the show went off the air, too.