‘Doctor Who’ Cast And Writer Join ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ Twitter Rewatch

Recently, Doctor Who fans on Twitter have been rewatching episodes. These lucky fans have had some special guests joining in as well, with former showrunners Steven Moffat and Russell T. Davies tweeting along with fans. These rewatches started out as simply a way for the fan base to interact while so many are stuck at home due to the coronavirus. They have become, however, so much bigger probably than fans had expected.

Not only because the cast has joined, though that’s definitely part of it. Yet these rewatches have also brought hope and happiness to many fans. Whether you’re a bigger fan of the newer show or the classic show, a certain showrunner or season above others, all Doctor Who fans are united by a love for the show. These rewatches have made that clearer than ever.

‘Doctor Who’ fans rewatch ‘Vincent and the Doctor’ to celebrate the artist’s life

On Monday, March 30, 2020, Doctor Who fans got together to rewatch season 5 episode 10, which is called “Vincent and the Doctor.”  In this episode, the Eleventh Doctor and his companion Amy Pond go to a museum and see something strange in one of Vincent van Gogh’s paintings. So they decide to pay the artist a visit. Cast members joined in with the fans to tweet about the episode, some tweeting from their own accounts like Karen Gillan and others like Matt Smith tweeting from a Twitter account called LockdownWho.  

This rewatch and Tweet along was organized by Emily Cook, a writer for Doctor Who Magazine. And of course a Whovian herself. In her tweet suggesting the watch along, she mentions that March 30th is Vincent van Gogh’s birthday. The hashtag for this rewatch was #TheUltimateGinger.

The next planned rewatch, according to Emily Cook’s twitter account, takes place on Friday, April 3, 2020, at 7 PM U.K. time. For us U.S. Whovians, that would be 2 PM EDT, 1 PM CDT, 12 PM MDT or 11 AM PDT. That would also be around 8 AM in Hawaii and 10 AM in Alaska.

‘We were having the time of our lives’ says Karen Gillan about the cast

Matt Smith of Doctor Who 'Vincent and the Doctor'
Matt Smith at the Doctor Who panel at the 2013 Summer Television Critics Association tour | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Doctor Who cast members joined the fans in tweeting about “Vincent and the Doctor.” Matt Smith, who played the Eleventh Doctor, Karen Gillan who played Amy Pond, and Tony Curran, who played Vincent van Gogh, all joined in. The cast members tweeted some behind the scenes information, as well as just general thoughts on the episode. Matt Smith, for example, tweeted about how he and Tony Curran wrestled in character while Karen Gillan filmed it.

Smith also says that the scene at the end where the Doctor shows Vincent van Gogh how his paintings are perceived in the future is “one of the great Who moments for” the Eleventh Doctor. It’s “classic Curtis.” Karen Gillan tweeted “I mean watching this is making me so happy! We were having the time of our lives.”

According to Gillan, they were all “babies set loose in Croatia making a TV show we loved!” Tony Curran tweeted “it was a real joy to work with Matt and Karen. We did have such a laugh.” About Vincent van Gogh, Curran had this to say “his beautiful work and life resonates more than he could ever have imagined.”

‘Vincent and the Doctor’ writer reveals the inspiration behind the episode

Besides the cast and the fans, of course, someone else joined in for this rewatch of Doctor Who‘s “Vincent and the Doctor”: its writer Richard Curtis. Tweeting from Emma Freud’s account, he revealed the inspiration behind the episode. We’ll let him tell you in his own words. “The key reason I wrote this episode,” he said, “was out of love for my sister Bindy.”

“She was a gorgeous and brilliant person, 2 years older than me. She loved Vincent van Gogh and life. She couldn’t have been more full of generosity and joy.” He continued by saying “But halfway through her life she was hit by depression.”

This depression “hurt her for the rest of her life. And a few years before this show, like Vincent, she took her own life.” Curtis adds “that mental health issues are hard — and the capacity for joy, as I know Bindy did know how much she was loved, is intertwined with the immense difficulty of the illness sometimes.” Curtis continues by saying that his sister “taking her own life wasn’t a failure by her or a rejection of all of us. ”

“It was, as they say on Love Island, what it was.”

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