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Jodie Whittaker made a big impression on Doctor Who fans when she started her time as the Thirteenth Doctor. It turns out that fans are not the only ones the actress has made an impression on. She and the rest of the cast and crew of Doctor Who season 11 were honored in a very special way by Sheffield Hallam University.

Jodie Whittaker is therefore not the only one who was honored, but it’s still significant. Along with her, the university honored showrunner Chris Chibnall and most likely Whittaker’s castmates Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, and Bradley Walsh. Cole, Gill, and Walsh portray the Thirteenth Doctor’s companions Ryan, Yasmin— or Yaz, as she’s more commonly known— and Graham.

These companions accompany the Thirteenth Doctor on her adventures. They are always there to help her get out of sticky situations. Now they’ve all been honored for their roles in the show. Whittaker and her castmates are probably very excited.

How were Jodie Whittaker and company from ‘Doctor Who’ honored?

Doctor Who cast (Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whittaker, and Bradley Walsh) at the premiere
Doctor Who cast (Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whittaker, and Bradley Walsh) at the premiere | Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

Sheffield Hallam University gave honorary doctorates to the cast and crew of Doctor Who‘s season 11 premiere “The Woman Who Fell To Earth.” According to Radio Times, Chris Chibnall was especially happy about the honor. He probably speaks for the whole cast and crew when he says that they “are thrilled to be honored by Sheffield Hallam University this way.”

The writer and showrunner goes on to say that “from the moment we made the decision for the Doctor to fall out of the sky into the streets and homes of Sheffield in 2018, the residents and the city have treated us brilliantly, on screen and off.” It is great for the show to be embraced by the residents and the city of Sheffield. According to Chibnall, this honor is “particularly special” because it’s “for the whole cast and crew.”

Most likely the rest of the cast and crew have similar feelings towards the honor.

Who’s the real Doctor?

This honor means that not only is Jodie Whittaker a doctor in more ways than one, but the rest of the cast and crew will have that title too. Possibly this will lead to some friendly teasing among the cast and crew about who is the actual Doctor. We think Jodie Whittaker would win that competition, since she is not only a Doctor but also plays The Doctor.

So we guess you could say she’s a double Doctor. That’s somewhat confusing, but with a show like Doctor Who, fans can probably figure it out. The show has definitely dealt with more confusing things, like River Song’s timeline and the concept of regeneration as a whole.

What does this mean for the show?

This honor means that the cast and crew of Doctor Who will be known widely as the wonderful people they are. So how will this affect the show? Well, perhaps it will help the show find new audiences. Maybe some of the students and faculty of Sheffield Hallam University will watch Doctor Who if they didn’t already.

It will also prove to fans and critics of the show alike, how well-regarded the show really is. An honorary doctorate isn’t given to just anybody. The cast and crew of Doctor Who have to be something special.

And they really are.