How ‘Doctor Who’ Fans Really Feel About The Ending Of ‘Orphan 55’

Doctor Who fans have a lot of feelings about the ending to “Orphan 55.” The episode is not as intense as “Spyfall: Part One” or “Spyfall: Part Two” but it still causes intense reactions from many Whovians. Find out how Doctor Who fans are reacting to “Orphan 55,” ahead. Warning: there are definitely spoilers for the episode.

What happens at the end of ‘Doctor Who’: ‘Orphan 55’?

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The episode starts off with the Doctor and her friends wanting a break, so they decide to go to a spa. Unfortunately, things don’t really go as planned. The spa is attacked by creatures called Dregs. The Doctor manages to get rid of the creatures, at least for a while.

It is then that she finds out that the spa is built on an uninhabitable planet known as Orphan 55. The Dregs are the only survivors. Eventually, near the end of Doctor Who‘s “Orphan 55”, the Doctor, her friends, and the audience find out that this “uninhabitable” planet populated by Dregs is Earth. It’s a postapocalyptic vision of Earth after being ravaged by a changing environment and nuclear war.

When the Doctor and her friends get back to the TARDIS, Yaz wants to know when the Doctor knew it was Earth and why she didn’t tell them. All of the companions are understandably upset at seeing Earth reduced to that. It is at this point that the Doctor gives a passionate speech about being “the best of humanity.”

It is this speech, that many fans are reacting to.

What are fans saying about the ending of this ‘Doctor Who’ episode?

Jodie Whittaker of Doctor Who: Orphan 55.
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Fan reactions are definitely mixed. One fan on Twitter says “Compare [Jodie]Whittaker’s lecture at the end of [Doctor Who‘s] Orphan 55 to [Peter] Capaldi’s speech at the end of The Zygon Inversion.” This fan “sat in silence and awe the whole time with his,” while they “rolled [their] eyes” at hers. Another fan thinks “the new Doctor Who writers really [need] to learn how to add a message to a story without having a character…do a preachy speech.”

In this fan’s opinion, “no one disagrees with the message of [Orphan 55] but that ending was ****.” Another fan enjoyed the episode, “except for the cringe ‘activist’ speech.” This fan “wholeheartedly [agrees] with the speech, but [feels] it ruined the moment with forced dialogue and an awkward ending.” A Twitter user describes the moment as “an overlong summary speech.”

Another fan was enjoying the episode until “the moral speech.” While another fan thinks the screen time could have been spent better. In this fan’s opinion, the characters should have “TARDISed back to Orphan 55 with much haste and saved two more people.”

What do fans who enjoyed the speech at the end of ‘Doctor Who’: ‘Orphan 55’ have to say?

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The news isn’t all bad for Doctor Who‘s “Orphan 55” speech. Some fans did enjoy it. One fan “liked Doctor Who Orphan 55…The Doctor’s speech was great.” Another fan mentions that “the Doctor’s speech at the end wasn’t actually preachy.”

According to this fan, “it just states a fact.” Another fan thinks “the speech about saving the planet was consistent with Doctor Who.” A Twitter user thinks the episode had a “super monster, action, threat, and Doctor’s speech at the end.” Another fan thinks the “speech at the end was very well done.”