Is ‘Doctor Who’ Too Politically Correct? A Guest Star Reacts and Offers Insight Into What the Team Thinks

Though Doctor Who is a popular show, it can’t make everyone happy. One complaint that fans have been seeing recently from more critical fans is that the show is too “politically correct.” Such a complaint may seem strange to some, but it makes perfect sense to others.

But what do those behind Doctor Who think of the complaint? A guest star from season 11’s episode “Demons of the Punjab,” Hamza Jeetooa,┬ámay be able to offer some insight into what the team behind the show thinks. Let’s get into what the team might feel and why they might feel that way.

Jodie Whittaker of Doctor Who
Jodie Whittaker of Doctor Who | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for New York Comic Con

How does Jeetooa himself feel?

In an interview with Digital Spy, he said that he “felt really confident” about his work on the show. He was “really excited to be a part of it and make a little bit of history.” The actor might feel that the show is making history by increasing the diversity of its characters and settings. Many fans might agree with the actor, while others might feel that it’s too much change.

Jeetooa also said, in the same interview, that “there’s always going to be people with opinions saying we don’t see it this way and we don’t believe that,” which is definitely true. Everyone always has their opinions, especially about TV shows. Yet should that stop the writers and producers from taking risks? Perhaps not.

What is his insight into how the rest of the ‘Doctor Who’ team feels about the show being labeled politically correct?

Doctor Who being labeled politically correct may seem bizarre to some fans. Yet others feel that the show is trying to satisfy certain agendas at the expense of good storytelling. Yet how does the Doctor Who team themselves feel about this complaint? Hamza Jeetooa may have the answer.

According to the actor, “[he remembers] the creative team were very much excited by the fact that they knew there would be people who would not be as excited.” So it seems that the team behind Doctor Who aren’t concerned about those who view the show as too politically correct. While this may seem strange to those who see the show that way, to other fans it makes perfect sense. After all, the complaint of something being too politically correct, especially for a show that has always been somewhat political like Doctor Who, can be confusing.

The team might feel just as confused as many fans do by this complaint. And that might explain their reaction to it. They also might feel that the show is changing in a positive way and that therefore those who are not excited about it are not worth worrying about.

Does the team behind ‘Doctor Who’ really want to annoy certain fans?

It may seem to some fans, those who view the show as too politically correct, that they’re being not only ignored but purposefully annoyed. However, that might not be the intention of the Doctor Who team. Again, Jeetooa might have the answer.

According to the actor, the team “wanted to change things up and they wanted to open it up to a whole new audience as well.” So perhaps it’s not about annoying certain fans, but rather embracing new ones. Maybe it’s about celebrating diversity and inclusivity, rather than political correctness.

Whatever your feelings on Doctor Who might be, you can be comforted by the knowledge that it is the kind of show that embraces everyone. The show is not meant to be harmful or offensive, rather it is meant to welcome all people. And most fans wouldn’t have it any other way.