‘Doctor Who’ Rumors: Showrunner Reassures Fans There’s a Future Beyond Season 12

Season 11 of Doctor Who is an exciting one, even by Time Lord standards. For the first time in the BBC series, the Doctor was a woman.

While this initially caused some uproar among fans, the 13th Doctor Who, played by actor Jodie Whittaker, has proved to be an invigorating move for the long-running series. Some even say the choice has breathed new life into the popular show. 

Jodie Whittaker attends a Children's Christmas Party at 11 Downing Street
Jodie Whittaker | Chris J Ratcliffe/Getty Images

Despite this encouraging response, Doctor Who is still dogged by rumors of upheaval. At the end of the 11th season, people started suggesting that the showrunner Chris Chibnall was going to quit. Despite a successful year, is Doctor Who headed for even more change?

Chris Chibnall didn’t want to work on ‘Doctor Who’ at first

Before he started working on Doctor Who, Chibnall admitted that he almost didn’t take the job. It wasn’t something he’d pictured himself doing, and he had new writing projects in mind. Taking on the famous Doctor would be a lot of work, and it wouldn’t leave him time to work on his own projects.

Perhaps because Chibnall seemed ambivalent about taking the job in the first place, people have wondered if he’d want to stick with it. Sure enough, soon there were whispers suggesting that Chibnall was considering leaving, and sooner than you might expect.

Rumors of troubles on ‘Doctor Who’

Despite the fact that season 11 was praised by critics, some people in the industry have claimed that Chibnall was unhappy in his role as showrunner. There was talk that he didn’t agree with how the show was being run. Some even went so far as to suggest that he was going to quit before the season 12 premiere.

If that weren’t enough gossip, claims were flying that because of the problems season 12 would be only 6 episodes, instead of the usual 10. On top of it all, the rumor was that Whittaker would also quit out of sympathy for Chibnall.

This would mean that they’d have to find the 14th Doctor after a very short period of time for the 13th Doctor. Was there really that much upheaval in the works?

Season 12 of ‘Doctor Who’ is almost here

Other than a New Year’s special on the first day of 2019, the whole year went by without any new Doctor Who episodes. But the long wait is finally over because season 12 will kick off on January 1.

Fans of the Doctor are loyal enough to wait an entire year for new episodes, but can the same be said of the people who work behind the scenes?

With season 12 almost here, we can confidently say that the rumors are unfounded. The cast and crew are promising that the new season is going to be even more exciting than the last.

Whittaker doesn’t sound like she’s on her way out at all. She said: “I feel like we’re treading new ground for each of the character journeys, and the development of everybody’s storylines.”

The tales that season 12 was going to be truncated are also not true. It’s definitely going to have a full 10-episode run. 

Chibnall not only insists he’s staying with the show but also that the future of the series looks bright. “We’re already planning the next series after this series,” he promises enthusiastically.

There are going to be new monsters to fight, as well as classic troublemakers like the Cybermen.

It sounds like Chibnall is excited about taking the Doctor to even further than before, and it looks like the show’s fans are happy to see where the 13th Doctor is going.