‘Doctor Who’: Questions We Have About Season 12 Episode 6

Doctor Who continues to excite sci-fi fans. Season 12 Episode 6 of the show, “Praxeus,” left us with some questions to ponder. Thinking about these questions might give us a clue about where Doctor Who is going.

It’s time for a spoiler warning. If you have not seen season 12 episode 6 of Doctor Who, “Praxeus,” stop reading now. If you have seen the episode or don’t mind spoilers, keep reading and explore these questions with us.

Who texted Jake about Adam in ‘Doctor Who’ season 12 episode 6?

Doctor Who season 12 episode 6 has two rather interesting secondary characters, Jake and Adam. Jake is a former police officer while Adam is an astronaut. The two men are — or at least were — a couple. Near the beginning of the episode, Jake gets a text about his estranged husband Adam and it leads him to eventually finding Adam in Hong Kong, with Yasmin Khan and Graham O’Brien.

This makes us wonder: who sent that text? It came, according to Radio Times, from an unknown number. It could have been Adam himself, but it’s unclear how he would have sent a text. Did he somehow have a cell phone with him in his space shuttle when it crashed?

It seems unlikely that he would have a cell phone, but then that leaves the question: who sent the text about him to Jake? It could have been a family member or friend of one of them but then why was it an unknown number? This is a question that might go unanswered, as the characters are secondary ones and aren’t likely to pop up again. Unless they do.

Will Gabriela, Jake, and Adam come back after ‘Doctor Who’ season 12 episode 6?

Season 12 Episode 6 of Doctor Who introduced fans to three secondary characters: Gabriela, Jake, and Adam. Gabriela is a travel vlogger whose traveling companion goes missing and dies during the events of the episode. Jake and Adam are an estranged couple who grow closer again throughout the story.

At the end of the episode, Gabriela heads off with Jake and Adam on their honeymoon and says she’ll vlog it. This open-ended ending makes us wonder: will Gabriela, Jake, and Adam be back? Will they perhaps be the next companions for the Doctor?

There are many possible answers to these questions. Gabriela, Jake, and Adam might indeed be back in the season finale or another important episode this season. They also might pop up sometime next season. As far as being companions, it’s a possibility.

After all, Donna Noble ended up being a companion after meeting the Tenth Doctor once during a Christmas special. However, it’s also possible that they were all just one-episode characters and won’t be popping up again. It could definitely go either way.

Is Yasmin Khan becoming more like the Thirteenth Doctor and is that dangerous?

Tosin Cole, Jodie Whittaker, and Mandip Gill of Doctor Who season 12 episode 6
Tosin Cole (Ryan Sinclair), Jodie Whittaker (Thirteenth Doctor) and Mandip Gill (Yasmin Khan) at a Doctor Who screening | Roy Rochlin/Getty Images

Doctor Who season 12 episode 6 had Yasmin challenged like she never was before. When confronted with an alien threat, she picks up one of their devices and tells them to put their guns down or she’ll break it. The aliens then hesitate and Yasmin guesses that the device is valuable.

Yasmin then goes and investigates the aliens, trying to figure out why they took Adam and how everything is connected. She then follows one of the aliens with their teleportation device and goes to somewhere she thinks is an alien planet. She doesn’t seem scared at all, which is a lot like the Doctor.

However, is she really just emulating the Doctor? Or is she simply becoming a more confident version of herself? It could be either one, or perhaps a mixture of the two. It might be dangerous, however, for Yasmin to emulate the Doctor, if that is what she’s doing.

After all, we all know what happened to Clara, even though she later came back from the dead. However, Yasmin might be different. You never know.