‘Doctor Who’ Showrunner Says First Episode of Season 12 Will Be ‘Big’

Doctor Who is definitely a show known for its large scale. Sometimes, in an episode of the show, the entire universe is at stake. So when Doctor Who season 12 showrunner Chris Chibnall says that the first episode of season 12 will be “big,” it’s easy to imagine what he could mean.

The large scale is one thing that many fans like about the show, and something that was somewhat lacking in season 11. Though the show still dealt with problems, they were somewhat smaller than usual for Doctor Who and didn’t always seem as big of a threat. However, if Chibnall can be believed, the Thirteenth Doctor, her companions, and fans are about to go on the ride of their life.

Why might season 11 have been somewhat lacking in threats for some fans?

Chibnall may have an explanation. According to the showrunner, “last year was a recruitment year for the show, for the Doctor, getting everybody in.” That makes sense since there’s always a bit of an adjustment period with a new Doctor. And this might be one of the biggest changes the show has had in a while.

So the show needed to kind of reintroduce the Doctor to the audience and define who the character is for the fans yet again. That’s always the case when the Doctor regenerates, but maybe even more so with such a difference from past Doctors. Now that the fans know who the Doctor is again and have also been introduced to her new companions, the show can really take off. As Chibnall says, this year is more like the writers saying “here is the amazing world of Doctor Who, here’s lots of treats, here’s lots of new stuff, some old stuff, let’s see what you make of this.”

The showrunner goes on to say that, for the team behind the show, “the ambition is to go up a level.” So, have they done it? Chibnall thinks so.

Exactly how much have the team gone ‘up a level’ for ‘Doctor Who’ season 12?

Doctor Who season 12 cast (Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whittaker, and Bradley Walsh)
Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whitaker and Bradley Walsh at the Doctor Who premiere | Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

As we mentioned above, Chibnall has said, in an interview with Metro.co.uk, that the first episode of Doctor Who season 12 will be “big.” Exactly how big? Well, according to the showrunner it’s “the biggest episode we’ve done, and it might be the biggest episode the show has done.” That’s certainly something.

In a show where a planet or even the entire universe can be at stake, to say that the first episode of the new season will be “the biggest episode the show has done” is a bold claim. The show has also done other big episodes such as “The Day of the Doctor,” the show’s fiftieth anniversary special. In this episode, Matt Smith’s Eleventh Doctor met David Tennant’s Tenth Doctor and another, secret incarnation known as the War Doctor, portrayed by John Hurt. The three Doctors even teamed up to save their home planet Gallifrey, with the help of Clara Oswald and their other incarnations, including Twelfth Doctor Peter Capaldi.

What else might ‘Doctor Who’ season 12 bring?

According to the trailer recently released, and the showrunner Chibnall, fans will get to see some “more old monsters.” Some new ones will be joining as well, and according to Chibnall are “quite scary.” There is, as Chibnall says, “a lovely balance” between old monsters and new ones.

Doctor Who season 12 seems like it will be off to a good start with the “big” first episode. The rest of the season, as well, seems like it will be good with some “old monsters” and some “quite scary” new ones. The character of the Thirteenth Doctor will also likely be developing in season 12. According to star Jodie Whittaker, the new season will show “a level or a side to her that we haven’t seen yet.”

Chibnall goes on to say that the show is “delving deeper into the Thirteenth Doctor this year.” And fans are likely excited to see more sides of the Doctor being explored.