‘Doctor Who’: Questions We Have After ‘Spyfall: Part Two’

Doctor Who continues to delight sci-fi fans. Season 12 Episode 2 of the show, “Spyfall: Part Two,” left fans with some questions to ponder. Thinking about these questions might give us a clue about where Doctor Who is going.

It’s time for a spoiler warning. If you have not seen Season 12 Episode 2 of Doctor Who, “Spyfall: Part Two,” stop reading now. If you have seen the episode or don’t mind spoilers, keep reading and explore these questions with us.

Jodie Whittaker of Doctor Who: Spyfall Part Two
Jodie Whittaker at a Doctor Who screening and Q&A at the Paley Center for Media in New York City | Astrid Stawiarz/Getty Images for BBCAmerica

Will the Master return in season 12 of ‘Doctor Who’?

After the events of Doctor Who‘s “Spyfall: Part Two,” many viewers are probably wondering: Is that the last we see of the Master this season? The Master is an iconic and fan-favorite villain in Doctor Who. So bringing him back again this season would make sense for the writers to do. However, he does seem quite trapped with the Kasaavin, who are now upset at being used as a means to an end.

Things could go either way. The Master could return, as T’zim Sha of the Stenza did in season 11 of the sci-fi show. Or, he could remain gone for the rest of the season, only returning later on. In a show like Doctor Who, the possibilities are endless.

Based on what showrunner Chris Chibnall has done so far, it’s definitely a possibility that the Master will return for the finale of season 12. Yet Doctor Who is also the kind of show that could surprise its audience. The Master’s return in “Spyfall: Part One” was definitely a surprise for many fans.

Who is the Timeless Child and why did the Time Lords lie about this person?

Since season 11, episode 2, “The Ghost Monument,” there has been talk of the Timeless Child. A foe of the Doctor’s mentioned this person to her while reading her mind. Doctor Who‘s “Spyfall: Part Two” brought back the idea of the Timeless Child and made things a bit clearer while still leaving a lot of a mystery for fans to contemplate. According to Radio Times, the Master tells the Doctor that “The whole existence of [their] species [is] built on the lie of the Timeless Child.”

There are many things that could mean, but this leaves fans with two very important questions. The first is: who is the Timeless Child? The second is: why would the Time Lords lie about this person? Huw Fullerton of Radio Times suggests that the Timeless Child might have been the real founder of Gallifrey before being forced out by the Time Lords.

Fullerton also mentions the possibility that the Timeless Child could be a younger incarnation of either the Doctor or the Master. But then why would the Timeless Child “lie” change “the whole existence of [the Time Lords’] species”? Whoever the Timeless Child is, it’s someone that the Time Lords wanted to keep secret, even from their own people. Which leads us to the second question: why would the Time Lords lie about this Timeless Child person?

The Time Lords are not always painted in the best light in Doctor Who. Indeed, some of them are horrible people. This could be reason enough for them to lie but there might be more to it. The lie might be told because the truth makes the founding Time Lords look bad.

Will the Doctor save Gallifrey again after ‘Doctor Who’: ‘Spyfall: Part Two’?

Doctor Who: “Spyfall: Part Two” included a scene where the Doctor went back to Gallifrey to see what the Master had been talking about. When she got there, she saw it completely destroyed. So, therefore, the Doctor is one of the last Time Lords left. At least, so it appears

However, that has happened before. When the sci-fi show returned in 2005, the Doctor was recovering from the events of the Time War, a war that destroyed Gallifrey. The entire planet was gone until the events of “The Day of the Doctor” when it was saved by several incarnations of the Doctor and placed in a pocket universe.

So will the Doctor save Gallifrey again? It’s definitely possible that she will. However, the answer to this question might depend on what the answer to the last one turns out to be. If the Time Lords have a bad reason for lying about the Timeless Child, the Doctor might not be willing to save them.