Is ‘Doctor Who’ Just Teasing Fans Or Is There Something Big Coming?

Doctor Who fans have been waiting for a while for any news of the beloved show. The hiatus between season 11 and season 12 seems particularly long because of this lack of news. That may be ending soon, maybe.

The official Doctor Who accounts on Twitter and Instagram posted a cryptic image of the Thirteenth Doctor. Could this be it? Will fans finally get news? Or will they be left disappointed?

At the moment, it’s hard to tell. Yet the image might mean something.

What did the ‘Doctor Who’ accounts post and when?

The Doctor Who accounts, on October 31st, 2019, posted the above image and said: “watch this space.” Of course, that made fans wonder what was going on. Fans were and still are eagerly awaiting news of the show, so this simple image got fans extremely excited.

One fan posted a gif of the Thirteenth Doctor saying “is anyone excited? Cause I’m really excited” as a reaction to the news. Fans are clearly eager to hear more about their favorite show. Another fan said “she’s a’coming,” referencing the Thirteenth Doctor with another gif. While another said that they “don’t know how to function.”

So clearly it’s been a long time without any new Doctor Who episodes or even news of the show. In fact, the last time fans heard anything about the show was May 21st 2019. So it’s understandable that fans would be eager for news.

What could the news for ‘Doctor Who’ fans be?

Jodie Whittaker from Doctor Who
Jodie Whittaker at the Doctor Who panel at New York Comic Con 2018 | Andrew Toth/Getty Images for New York Comic Con

According to FanSided, there are several main theories emerging about the mysterious announcement. One is that we’re going to get a trailer with a release date for season 12 of Doctor Who soon. Fans would definitely go crazy over that, in the best way. The show has already finished filming and therefore there might be enough material for a good trailer.

Another possibility, according to FanSided, is that we’re getting a holiday special. This episode would either air on Christmas, as they have in the past, or on New Year’s Day. Since the show is meant to be coming back in 2020, the New Year’s episode is probably more likely.

It is also possible that we’re getting a new or returning character. Though that may make the TARDIS a bit full, as the Thirteenth Doctor already has three companions: Yasmin, Ryan, and Graham. Regardless, fans are always interested in characters returning and therefore might not mind if the TARDIS was a bit crowded if it meant seeing an old friend. A new character might not fare as well but you never know.

Could ‘Doctor Who’ just be teasing the fans?

There is always that possibility. Though it may be unlikely at this point, with new episodes getting closer. Most likely something is coming at some point, though when it is we don’t know. Still, the Doctor Who team could be just messing with the fans and trying to increase the excitement for the next season.

If that is their goal, just to excite the fans, it’s definitely working. Though how long it will work, we don’t know. Getting more news of the show would be exciting and would tide fans over until the new episodes air. Hopefully, Doctor Who is not just teasing fans and really plans to announce something big soon.