‘Doctor Who’: Tenth Doctor and Thirteenth Doctor To Meet and Team up in Comics

Doctor Who is such a popular show. It’s so popular in fact, that it doesn’t just exist as a show. It’s also comics and other merchandise as well. The Tenth Doctor is a beloved incarnation of the Doctor, so it should be interesting to see him team up with Jodie Whittaker’s Thirteenth Doctor.

And they will be meeting. According to Bleeding Cool, a new comic was announced at New York Comic-Con and it’s going to feature the Tenth and Thirteenth incarnations teaming up to defeat evil. So the Whovians may have something to look forward to before the show comes back, or at least around the same time.

This comic is apparently going to be released in January 2020, and the show is set to come back sometime early on in the same year.

What’s happening with the Doctors?

David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) of Doctor Who
David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) of Doctor Who | Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images

Doctor Who fans always like to see different incarnations of the Doctor team-up. Though they’re all the same person, there are enough personality differences to make things interesting. The Thirteenth version has only had one season of the show so far, and therefore has not fully grown into her personality yet.

Though her character will develop more in the next season— or even seasons— of Doctor Who, the Tenth Doctor’s character is well known. Apparently, the Thirteenth incarnation will run into not only her past self, but another familiar face as well. Martha Jones will be meeting the Thirteenth Doctor and that will definitely be interesting.

As the two Doctors will be facing the Weeping Angels, fans should prepare for the story to be intense. Have the tissues ready, Whovians! Or not, since the two Timelords are more than capable of saving the day.

Ten and Thirteen will be wonderful

In addition to saving the day, the two Timelords will most likely make loads of jokes and tease each other. Both of them are quite friendly, though the Thirteenth incarnation is a bit more socially awkward, and will likely get along well. They’re also both very positive and fun versions of the Doctor, yet another reason their team-up should be great.

There are enough differences, though, to keep things exciting. The Tenth incarnation, while he’s positive and fun, can be somewhat unaware of how his actions affect others at times. This is mostly shown through his behavior with his companion Martha Jones, which should be illustrated in this comic. The Thirteenth, on the other hand, is very empathetic, usually more aware of the feelings of others.

What will fan reactions be?

We’re not claiming to know entirely. Yet we think that fans will enjoy this comic. A returning foe and familiar faces are usually rather popular with fans. And if we don’t have it on the show, it’s nice to have it in the comics.

Their comic should be brimming with action and laughter. It will keep fans on the edge of their seats all while being hilarious. There’s something about Doctor Who that is very special. We’re sure that this comic will be special as well.

We can’t wait to see the comic. Every fan should get one!