‘Doctor Who’ To Bring Back Two-Part Episodes In Season 12

Doctor Who season 11 saw many changes come to the show. One of these changes was the lack of two-part episodes. In season 12 of the sci-fi show, these episodes are coming back. Fans will likely be glad as one complaint about season 11 of the show was the lack of a story arc.

Season 11 was made up solely of episodes that could stand alone. This can be a good thing, as then new fans can jump in at any episode. However, hardcore fans of the show probably wanted to see more of a thread running through the episodes and to see things like cliffhangers.

Season 12 of Doctor Who, with its two-part episodes, is likely raising the stakes a bit.

Why was season 11 only standalone episodes?

If two-part episodes of Doctor Who are so popular among fans, why did the writers get rid of them for season 11? That’s a good question. According to Radio Times, who interviewed showrunner Chris Chibnall, it “wasn’t a definitive statement about how [he and the writers] were making Doctor Who – more of a stylistic choice for [their] first run of episodes.”

The reason for not having two-part episodes might have been to get new fans involved in the show. In another Radio Times interview, Chibnall says that “Last year was a recruiting year for the show, and [he thinks that he and the writers] managed to recruit some people for the show.” There’s already a preexisting fan base, but it’s still nice to get some new fans on board with the show. The showrunner goes on to say that “[He thinks] this year [he and the writers are] developing that, so for all the people who are new to Doctor Who we’re going to go ‘Look at the amazing world of Doctor Who, look at all the treats that are in there.’”

So new fans and old ones alike will probably enjoy the two-part episodes of Doctor Who season 12.

What might the ‘Doctor Who’ two-part episodes be like in season 12?

Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whittaker, and Bradley Walsh of Doctor Who: two-part episodes are coming back in season 12
Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whitaker and Bradley Walsh at the Doctor Who season 11 premiere| Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

Doctor Who two-part episodes can be intense. The last two-part episode we had, from season 10, involved Bill Potts, the Twelfth Doctor’s companion, being transformed into a Cyberman. She cries when she sees the Doctor and says “I waited for you.”

In the second part of this two-part episode, The Doctor begins to fight off regeneration when battling Cybermen. The Doctor also has to deal with both The Master and Missy, two different incarnations of the Doctor’s Time Lord nemesis. The Cybermen are eventually defeated by the Doctor when he ignites a bunch of fuel pipes, which destroys the Cybermen. Bill is then reunited with Heather, a girl she liked, who was turned into a “pilot” for a living fluid from an alien ship.

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Heather then rescues Bill from her Cyberman form and Bill brings the Doctor into his TARDIS. She cries about The Doctor but leaves to go explore the universe with Heather, who has turned her into a creature like herself.

So, for those of you newer fans unaware, that is what Doctor Who two-part episodes are like: full of action and drama. According to Chibnall, this season’s two-parters will be “epic.” So we can only imagine the chaos and intensity that will involve. Chibnall also said that he “[loves] a Doctor Who cliffhanger.”

So get prepared for a bunch of those in season 12!