Does ‘Doctor Who’ Leave Too Many Interesting Storylines Unfinished?

Doctor Who, throughout its long run, has had many storylines. While many of them were wrapped up in a satisfying way, there are those that were not. Some of these may seem like small details, yet all are important and interesting.

Whether it’s The Doctor’s daughter or the fact that the British royal family might be werewolves within the world of Doctor Who, all of these storylines are exciting. So fans, therefore, might wonder why they were never picked up again. As Doctor Who is still running, there’s still hope for some of these storylines to reappear.

What are these plots? And why might they have been dropped? Find out, ahead.

What are some of these ‘Doctor Who’ storylines?

David Tennant (Tenth Doctor)  and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) of Doctor Who
David Tennant (Tenth Doctor) and Billie Piper (Rose Tyler) of Doctor Who | Suzi Pratt/Getty Images

One such storyline that was left unfinished was Adam, a short-lived companion of the Ninth Doctor, portrayed by Christopher Eccleston. He traveled with Rose, portrayed by Billie Piper, and the Doctor and ended up getting some alien technology in him. Despite this, the Doctor and Rose dropped him off at home, where said alien technology was revealed to his mother. Leaving Adam on Earth is kind of a big risk for the Doctor to take, especially since it could mean exposing aliens to humanity as a whole.

The second storyline that was left unfinished was that of Jenny, the Doctor’s daughter. She was created during the Tenth Doctor’s time in the TARDIS and is a result of some of his cells being copied. One funny thing about Jenny is that she doesn’t mind using a weapon, which led to conflict between her and the Tenth Doctor. Eventually, though, the two managed to come to some kind of understanding and Jenny even died to save the Doctor.

Or so she thought. It turns out she didn’t die, she regenerated and flew off to see the universe. Like father, like daughter, we guess. It would be super interesting to see Jenny again, including how she would react to the Thirteenth Doctor.

What are some other storylines that could be expanded on?

During the Tenth Doctor’s time in the TARDIS, there was more than one storyline left unfinished. Another storyline that left fans wanting more was during season 2 of the new show, and it featured the Tenth Doctor and Rose Tyler meeting Queen Victoria. In this episode, called “Tooth and Claw,” the Doctor and Rose save the queen from an alien werewolf. However, they aren’t able to prevent the queen from getting injured.

At the end of the episode, the Tenth Doctor speculates that the queen might actually become a werewolf due to this injury. That the gene for such a transformation would be passed down to her children and to theirs as well, ending on the idea that sometime in the 21st century, the entire Royal Family could be werewolves. This intriguing idea, however, has never been explored in the show.

Another storyline that was dropped had to do with Clara Oswald. During the Twelfth Doctor’s time in the TARDIS, he and Clara saved a young girl from dying. The young girl, named Ashildr, and played by Maisie Williams, after being saved was immortal. She started calling herself Me and ran into the Doctor a couple of times. In the end, Me and Clara set off to see the universe together, but this was at the end of season 9 and the two characters haven’t been seen since then.

Why might these storylines have been dropped?

It’s possible that these storylines might not have made as much of an impact on the writers as they did on some fans. Yet there have to be other reasons why the show didn’t finish these intriguing storylines. In Adam’s case, it’s probably because the Ninth Doctor only had one season due to Christopher Eccleston leaving the show.

For Jenny, a character that many fans would probably like to see back, it might be just a case of the writers being unsure as to what to do with her, wanting her return to be as good as possible if it would happen. With Queen Victoria and possibly the 21st century Royal Family being werewolves thing, it could be a similar case to Jenny or it could be that the writers think it would be unfair to the real-life Royal Family to sort of make light of them like that. With Clara and Me, it’s probably because keeping their adventures a mystery makes things more exciting.

So yes, Doctor Who does have a lot of interesting storylines that aren’t fully finished. Will any of these storylines be resurrected in season 12 of the show? Who knows, it could happen. However, it’s probably not likely as these storylines have been dropped for quite a while.