‘Doctor Who’ Voice Actor Teases ‘Revolution of the Daleks’ Special Episode

Many Doctor Who fans love a good Dalek story. Though the iconic villains were not present at all in season 11 or 12 of the show, a Dalek did show up in the 2019 special episode “Resolution.” The next special episode of Doctor Who seems like it’s going to be full of the Doctor’s formidable foes, as it’s called “Revolution of the Daleks.” Don’t take our word for it, though, as the voice of the Daleks himself, Nicholas Briggs, has spoken about his role in the upcoming episode.

Explore the past of these iconic villains

Jodie Whittaker of Doctor Who, 'Revolution of the Daleks'
Jodie Whittaker of Doctor Who | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Before getting to the possibilities teased for their part in Doctor Who “Revolution of the Daleks,” it’s important to understand the Daleks’ role in the show. The Daleks have been around since the classic era of the show. They have existed since the First Doctor’s time. The Daleks are genetically engineered mutants from the planet Skaro.

These iconic villains are not robots; they are alive. However, they are encased in armor made out of polycarbide and a metal called Dalekanium. The Daleks consider the Doctor their greatest enemy, and the Doctor feels the same way about them. When Doctor Who came back in 2005, the Daleks came back as well, facing the Ninth Doctor and his companion Rose Tyler.

When they land in Utah in the year 2012, the Doctor and his companion find themselves among alien artifacts. It turns out they’re in an underground bunker called the Vault, owned by billionaire Henry van Statten. Van Statten offers to introduce them to his one living specimen: a Dalek. A fight starts between the Dalek and Van Statten’s guards and it seems the whole Earth is in danger.

However, the Dalek makes a key mistake: it absorbs Rose’s DNA. It can feel her fear when it almost kills her and it decides not to kill Van Statten, only wanting freedom. The Dalek then begs Rose to tell it to kill itself, which she reluctantly does. These great villains also play a part in the Tenth, Eleventh, and Twelfth Doctor’s eras and one even faced the Thirteenth Doctor as well.

‘Doctor Who’ will return with ‘Revolution of the Daleks,’ and voice actor Nicholas Briggs has teased the return

Nicholas Briggs did an interview with Radio Times. Of course, he couldn’t reveal much, yet he said just enough to get fans excited for Doctor Who’s “Revolution of the Daleks.” “It’s already been filmed and I was on set for it,” he told Radio Times. “It certainly wasn’t a single Dalek.”

“And there were quite a few interesting challenges,” he continued, “and some interesting location work as well.” Apparently, the actor didn’t know the title of the episode while filming. He found out with the rest of the world after the ending of season 12 of Doctor Who. “Revolution of the Daleks,” he thought, is a good title for the special episode.

“It fits perfectly – but not in the way that you’d think,” he says. And Briggs isn’t done with his work on “Revolution of the Daleks.” He told Radio Times that he is “doing some ADR.” He tells the site that sometimes when editing, the Doctor Who crew realize they need to tweak the story a bit.

It’s been like this since the show came back in 2005, he says. “They get actors in to record other lines, over the shoulder. But the Daleks are perfect for it, because you can make them say anything later on. If there’s anything you need to clarify, the Daleks are renowned for stating the bleeding obvious, aren’t they?”