‘Doctor Who’: What Fans Are Hoping To See In Season 12.

Doctor Who season 11 saw many changes come to the show. Not only did it feature the first woman to play the role of The Doctor, but it took a lot of risks. Some of these risks paid off and some didn’t. Regardless of personal opinions on the show, most fans are looking forward to season 12 and hoping for the best.

What do fans want? Well, it depends on who you ask. Some fans are unhappy about The Doctor being a woman at all. While others love the changes that have come to the show.

What did season 11 of ‘Doctor Who’ do well?

Doctor Who season 12
Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whittaker and Bradley Walsh| Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

First of all, let’s just celebrate Jodie Whittaker’s historic casting. Though some are not happy, many Whovians — especially female ones — are ecstatic that The Doctor is now a woman. Speaking of history, let’s mention historical episodes. Season 11 saw these come back in a big way with episodes like “Rosa” and “Demons of the Punjab.”

Not only were these historical episodes pretty good episodes of Doctor Who, but they accomplished what Sydney Newman wanted in the beginning by being entertaining and educational. Some would also say that season 11 saved the show from some of the issues it suffered under during the Moffat era. By making a season of solely one-shot stories, the plots would not be convoluted. The show also made The Doctor more hopeful and energetic, a contrast to the Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors who were often depressed underneath it all.

What did season 11 of ‘Doctor Who’ need to work on?

The news isn’t all good for the show. Many fans felt that the show implemented too many changes too soon, including a female Doctor. Fans also missed the story arcs that the show was known for. Though the villain of the first episode, “The Woman Who Fell To Earth” did reappear in the finale “The Battle Of Ranskoor Av Kolos,” many fans felt that this wasn’t enough.

Fans like to feel that every episode is part of a larger story. While not every episode has to fit the story arc, fans do prefer if there is some kind of buildup to a conclusion. And we can’t really blame them. Story arcs are great, especially if done well.

Some fans also feel that the characters need to be more developed, especially Yasmin Khan — or Yaz, as she’s more commonly known. Fans feel that she needs to go on a more emotional journey, equal to that of Graham and Ryan in season 11. Yaz also needs to be developed beyond just her commitment to helping others.

What do fans want to see in ‘Doctor Who’ season 12?

Obviously, fans want to see story arcs and character development. That makes sense for any show, but especially for Doctor Who. Season 12 needs to work on the villains. Season 11 made the bold choice to not bring back any of the aliens that The Doctor had previously faced.

While this choice was a bold one, it didn’t work for all of the fans. Some missed the classic Daleks and Cybermen and other iconic aliens. In fact, the New Year’s Special, “Resolution,” brought back the Daleks to mostly good results and is considered by many fans the most well-written episode of the season. As you can see in the picture above, the Judoon, a group of mercenary police officers, are coming back.

Whether the Judoon will be received as well as the Dalek was, we don’t know. What is clear is that season 12 of Doctor Who is bringing back iconic aliens that fans love. And fans are likely glad to see some of their favorite foes again.