‘Doctor Who’: What Is Coming on November 23rd?

November 23rd is an important day for Doctor Who fans. It is the show’s anniversary. On November 23rd, 1963, the first episode of the sci-fi show was released. In 2013, the date became even more special as Doctor Who celebrated its 50th anniversary with a special episode called “The Day of the Doctor.”

In this special episode, which happened during Matt Smith’s time as the Eleventh Doctor, David Tennant returned as the Tenth Doctor. John Hurt also portrayed a secret incarnation of the Doctor, known as the War Doctor. This version of the Doctor had to make hard decisions to end the Time War, at least it seemed like that. The Tenth and Eleventh Doctors manage to convince the War Doctor that there is another way.

The special episode “The Day of the Doctor” made the 50th anniversary of the show very special for fans. But November 23rd is about to become more special for Doctor Who fans in 2019, when, according to the official Doctor Who social media accounts, something related to the show’s next season will be revealed.

What did the ‘Doctor Who’ social media accounts say?

Doctor Who cast (Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whittaker, Bradley Walsh) at the premiere
Tosin Cole, Mandip Gill, Jodie Whitaker and Bradley Walsh at the Doctor Who premiere | Anthony Devlin/Getty Images

The Doctor Who Twitter account and the official Youtube channel both posted a video, saying that the show is coming soon. Both told fans to “watch this space” and “make space” as something is coming on November 23rd. Though the accounts did not say exactly what, it is interesting to speculate.

This came after the Doctor Who accounts teased fans on October 31st by saying “watch this space” and releasing an image of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor’s shadow above the TARDIS. We won’t spend too much time on this image as we’ve already discussed it, yet the excitement surrounding it showed just how long fans had gone without any news of the beloved show. The last news fans had got before this little tease was in May of 2019, when a picture was released of Jodie Whittaker’s Doctor facing the Judoon, an intergalactic mercenary police force.

Clearly Doctor Who fans are missing the show. November 23rd should be something special, we hope.

What could happen with ‘Doctor Who’ on November 23rd?

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Besides the 56th anniversary of the show, what will be happening on that date? Only time will tell, yet it is still possible to speculate. One possibility is that the show will release a trailer for the upcoming 12th season. The next season is set to be released sometime in 2020, but fans don’t know when.

A trailer could solve that problem, as it would probably include a release date for season 12. It’s also possible that the BBC could be planning on releasing a special episode before season 12, either on Christmas Day or New Year’s Day. The latest special aired on January 1, 2019, so it’s definitely possible that there could be a special episode planned for the same day in 2020.

What are fan reactions to the news of something happening on November 23rd?

Fan reactions are somewhat mixed, probably because of how controversial season 11 of Doctor Who is. While some fans on Twitter are excited, saying “at last! Looking forward to it,” others are not. One critical fan questions why they should care.

This fan says, “why should I make space for a program that I don’t even like or care for or about anymore?” It’s a good question, but there are still fans that do care about the show, as you can see above. Whatever is happening with Doctor Who on November 23rd, you can bet that some fans will be excited, while others will not.