Does Adam Levine Have Any Children With Behati Prinsloo?

No matter what you think of Adam Levine and Maroon 5, he’s become a grounded rock star who may be better known now for judging on The Voice than the front man of his band. His role as judge may even overshadow Maroon 5’s controversial performance on Super Bowl 53.

Unlike all rock stars, Levine has a stable marriage to Victorian Secret model Behati Prinsloo. While you can argue rock stars always seem attracted to supermodels, Levine and Prinsloo’s marriage looks different from the typical.

Perhaps you’ve lost touch with what happened after their marriage almost five years ago. Read on to see how having children changed their lives.

Levine’s involvement with other supermodels

At the height of Levine’s popularity in Maroon 5, he found himself dating a Russian Sports Illustrated swimsuit cover model named Anne Vyalitsyna. They met at a SI cover issue party when Maroon 5 performed there.

The two dated for two years, but it didn’t last long. At least they parted amicably in 2012 after a solid two years.

It’s interesting they ever hit it off considering Vyalitsyna revealed in a Howard Stern interview the two didn’t think much of one another when initially meeting. This proves you never know a person well until spending more time together.

Two years was a long time for a relationship between a supermodel and rock star. Fortunately, Levine didn’t have to go through multiple girlfriends or marriages to find the right woman.

Becoming involved with Behati Prinsloo

Levine didn’t wait long to rebound with a new girlfriend. Behati Prinsloo is from Namibia, proving his continual interest in international supermodels. Despite this romance with Prinsloo, it almost didn’t last due to a brief breakup.

According to past media sources, Levine and Prinsloo broke up briefly in 2013 after their initial meeting. During this time, Levine did another rebound with yet another model, Nina Agdal.

Adam reportedly couldn’t stop thinking about Prinsloo during the Agdal affair. He didn’t hesitate to break up with Agdal pronto and head back to Prinsloo before losing her forever.

They were engaged immediately and married in July of 2014.

Their first daughter, Dusty Rose

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Two years after their marriage, Levine and Prinsloo had their first child together, a daughter. Dusty Rose has become a media favorite, including her parents often posting Instagram images as she quickly grows up.

Now 2 1/2 years old, Dusty Rose is Exhibit A in how a rock star and a model can have beautiful children.

We’re grateful they didn’t wait around to have even more kids. Within the last year, Prinsloo gave birth to another daughter.

Gio Grace as their second daughter

Hopefully Levine wanted to have daughters, because now they have a second one. Gio Grace was born in February 2018 and just celebrated her first birthday.

Prinsloo has been open about chronicling her pregnancies considering she often posted pics of her second baby bump on Instagram. She also didn’t hesitate to post newborn pics of Gio Grace, including pointing out how she has her father’s toes.

Levine says he wants even more children. So does Prinsloo because she was an only child in her native Namibia.

If they do have a lot more kids, will they become another in a growing list of more stable showbiz marriages?

The music industry seems to have fewer divorces

Just look at various marriages of music superstars and there seems to be a new era of family unity than we saw in the past. Kanye West and Kim Kardashian are a good example, as well as Jay-Z and Beyoncé. In the field of country music, you see a strong and long-lasting marriage from Faith Hill and Tim McGraw.

We might have to add Adam Levine and Behati Prinsloo to the list for giving everyone a similar marriage template. Maybe the secret to these music industry marriages is they usually tour together so they’re never apart to get in trouble.