Does Angelina Jolie Really Want Brad Pitt to End His Friendship With the Kardashians?

Brad Pitt was recently spotted attending one of Kanye West’s famous Sunday Services. Although they are an unlikely pair, Pitt and West seem to be close and Pitt clearly has a lot of admiration for West.

However, there are also reports that Angelina Jolie does not want to see Pitt or her children hanging around the Kardashian family. It has even been said that she is forcing Pitt to choose between the Kardashians and his kids.

How Brad Pitt and Kanye West became friends

Brad Pitt on the red carpet
Brad Pitt | Amy Sussman/Getty Images

According to Pitt himself, he and West simply ran into each other a lot as both of them worked in the entertainment industry. 

“I love that there’s a Kanye out in the world, like, messing things up, you know?” he told Extra. “Envisioning the future and, you know, we can’t forget his music. He was one of the first to come out and be raw and open — he should always get credit for that.”

Pitt also has good things to say about West’s Sunday Services, which he actually attended more than once. He shared with ET: “I think he was doing something really special there. It’s a pure celebration of life and people. It’s really delightful. It really is.”

While Pitt grew up Christian, he rejected the faith as he grew older. Pitt identified as agnostic and atheist for quite some time, but these days, he has shared that he still believes in spirituality.

West has a similar story — he also grew up in a Christian household before stepping away from the religion many years ago. He recently came back to it in a very strong way and created his Sunday Services to be an alternative to church.

Pitt and West seem to have a lot in common in terms of their faith, and perhaps this is why Pitt and West get along well and why West’s Sunday Services speak to Pitt.

Angelina Jolie allegedly ‘can’t stand’ the Kardashians

While Pitt and West’s friendship is budding, RadarOnline reported that Angelina Jolie is not having it.

A source told the news outlet that the actress “can’t stand the Kardashian clan and wants her children nowhere near them.” The insider shared that she allegedly does not like political views and gave Pitt an ultimatum: he could choose to spend time with either West or their children, not both.

“Brad can obviously be friends with whoever he wants,” the source added, “but he knows Angie has the power to really mess with him if he continues to see Kanye.”

These rumors about Angelina Jolie are actually false

While the report seems very juicy, the truth is that Jolie does not actually have any problem with Pitt hanging out with West and the Kardashians.

According to Gossip Cop, the rumors were created by RadarOnline after Pitt attended a Sunday Service. However, Jolie isn’t giving Pitt any ultimatum and she also “isn’t preparing to use it against him in their ongoing custody negotiations.”

“A source close to the situation assures us the site’s narrative is completely fabricated,” Gossip Cop added.

Gossip Cop also pointed out that RadarOnline has been known to spread a lot of misinformation about Jolie and Pitt. After Pitt shared that he wanted to focus more on producing than acting, the outlet somehow reported that Pitt was quitting his Hollywood job altogether to become a beekeeper.

Last year, they also claimed that Jolie had a meltdown over the divorce and custody battle, with a supposed source saying that “she’s been skipping meals and losing a lot of sleep.” Both of these stories turned out to be not true.