Does Anyone Believe Joy Behar and Meghan McCain Like Each Other?

At the start of Ramin Setoodeh’s Ladies Who Punch, Rosie O’Donnell has the book’s epigraph. In her inimitable way, Rosie compares The View to the Trump administration. “Every person who has left that show has been fired except for me,” Rosie says.

But that’s not what the viewer sees, which reminds her of the current White House occupant. “[The View’s producers] will just continually lie and present a false front,” she adds. “They [will] go on TV and pretend to be friends when bad things [are] happening.”

There is plenty of evidence to back up what she’s talking about. An early example came with the departure of Debbie Matenopoulos, but the most stunning example came when Elisabeth Hasselbeck found herself shoved out the door.

These days, fans of The View may not speculate as much about who’ll be fired next. But that doesn’t mean you don’t get the “false front” Rosie mentioned. It might be most obvious in the ongoing company line about how Meghan McCain and Joy Behar are great friends off-camera.

The latest edition of ‘We get along backstage!’

Author Meghan McCain visits “THE VIEW,” on FRIDAY, SEPT. 10. | Donna Svennevik/ABC via Getty Images

On the June 19 show, fans got the latest installment of an on-air fight between Joy and McCain, followed by the usual round of disclaimers. However, this time McCain took the rhetoric to a different level with the B-word entering the set of The View.

After saying she was “the sacrificial Republican,” Joy gave McCain a sarcastic “Awww.” McCain, with her volume close to 10, responded by saying, “Oh, don’t feel bad for me, b**ch.” At that point, Whoopi Goldberg jumped in to send the show to a commercial break.

When The View returned from commercial, the audience heard about about how the two love to fight but always make up afterward. It might have been the fourth or fifth time they’ve gotten that line so far in 2019.

As for the escalation in McCain’s vocabulary, McCain argued (to no one in particular) that she wasn’t out of line, and that they use the word to refer to each other all the time. Joy agreed, saying she doesn’t care if McCain calls her that.

Joy does seem irritated by McCain’s entitled victim act, however.

Lorena Bobbitt is a guest on Walt Disney Television via Getty Images’s “The View,” February 12, 2019. | Lorenzo Bevilaqua/Walt Disney Television via Getty Images

In dust-ups of the past, Joy has expressed aggravation at McCain’s recurring role of the entitled victim. The early 2019 episode of McCain pouting about not getting to talk comes to mind (Joy called it “a hissy fit“), as does the time McCain told Joy it’s “part of her job to listen” to her.

That line got on the nerves of most fans of The View, so it wouldn’t be unreasonable to believe Joy felt the same way. (In the SNL parody that followed, McCain didn’t get the benefit of the doubt.) After all, doesn’t everyone love shrieking purveyors of nepotism telling you what your job is?

The next time there’s a cast change — or maybe when Joy reaches her limit — we might find out how she really feels about her frequently hostile co-host. For now, fans can expect to get the company line about their great relationship, complete with selfies from the holiday party.

If you’re not buying it, we don’t blame you in the slightest.

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