Does Ariana Grande Still Talk to Pete Davidson and Other Exes?

There isn’t any musical artist who’s as autobiographical in their recent songs as Ariana Grande. The old lyric of “Just listen to the melody for my love’s in there hiding” tells you a lot about Top 40 songwriting craft today. A few of our greatest women in music use their songs to tell about their past relationships and offer roadmaps to avoid their pitfalls.

Grande seems to have found her own form of therapy writing about her exes in her songs. Hopefully it helped her, even if it’s not the same as talking to the former men in her life face-to-face.

Is she still talking to Pete Davidson and her other former boyfriends? Let’s look at Grande’s additional therapeutic process.

Removing any potential for bad blood after ‘thank u, next’

One of the drawbacks to writing popular songs about your exes is that it makes it awkward if ever talking to them again, not including the continual media attention playing up the mentions.

No doubt Ariana Grande realizes the potential of things turning messy in this department. She probably learned from Taylor Swift who apparently hasn’t ever (ever, ever, that is) gotten back together with her exes as friends. In her case, it’s probably for the better to avoid more insinuations from the media.

Grande reportedly wanted to make amends quickly, so she decided to contact her former boyfriends before starting her recent Sweetener Tour. According to Us Magazine, this involved linking back up with former flings Big Sean and Ricky Alvarez. Rumors have even popped up the latter joined Grande on tour.

Yes, but what about Pete Davidson?

Despite the reports of Grande patching things up with two of her exes, there isn’t any word if she’s done the same with Pete Davidson since their breakup.

It makes sense she wouldn’t considering how he’s more than rebounded with Kate Beckinsale. We wrote recently about how powerful the new relationship between Beckinsale and Davidson seems to be, making it awkward to have Grande sending Pete a text.

Maybe she did contact him, but there isn’t any official word. No doubt she didn’t think it was necessary since Davidson has spoken well of Grande after the breakup. On the other hand, he has had some acerbic asides in his standup comedy gigs about being ruined by her autobiographical songs. Maybe Ariana was a bit miffed by some of these comments, outside of being meant in jest.

Now we have to wonder if Grande will rebound romantically with an ex once her tour is over.

Grande’s own form of therapy

We think it’s a great thing Ariana did this to avoid creating any more drama than what she’s already gone through. It’s clear she’s gone through a lot of self-analysis since she broke up with Davidson. Now she just wants a clear conscience to enjoy herself while traveling the world on her tour.

No doubt it’ll make singing those songs to massive crowds every night more of a cathartic experience rather than feel like primal scream therapy. Even more interesting will be if she ends up linking up with someone romantically again while on tour.

Some might find it odd Alvarez above might be joining Ariana on her tour. However, burying the hatchet with her execs can hopefully leave her open to dating again. Whether she will seems somewhat slim when you remember back to her saying she “probably” will never date again.

Will Grande keep writing songs about exes?

Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande | Jim Spellman/WireImage

AG never really wrote a lot of songs about her exes before her thank u, next album. Perhaps it was just a temporary frame of mind due to the more profound nature of her relationship with Davidson.

Some of her fans may not want her imitating Taylor Swift anyway. Remember, Grande only said “probably” to never dating again. Once things become more normal and she finds someone completely more simpatico, she may go back to writing happy pop songs as she did in the beginning.