Does Azan Tefou from ’90 Day Fiancé’ Work? Nicole Nafziger Says He Makes ‘His Own Money’

Nicole Nafziger from 90 Day Fiancé is clearing the air regarding her relationship with Azan Tefou.

Over the four seasons that she’s been on TLC, fans have had a lot of questions regarding the couple’s situation, with many wondering if Azan was really committed to Nicole, or if he was just sticking around because she was supporting him financially. But in a candid conversation with blogger John Yates, Nicole said a lot of people have the wrong idea about what’s really going on between her and her fiancé.

She says she’s not sending Azan money

“Not everything on the show is the whole story,” Nicole explained during her conversation with Yates. People who watch 90 Day Fiancé are just getting a highly edited look at her life, she said, not the complete picture.

The reality TV star also addressed a topic that fascinates some fans: her financial situation.

“My finances [aren’t] anyone’s business,” Nicole said. But she did want to make sure people understood one thing.

“I actually don’t send Azan any money right now,” she explained. She also bristled at the idea that she was putting her fiance ahead of her child. “Don’t think that I’m doing more for him than I am for my own daughter,” she added.

“He’s making his own money, so I haven’t had to help him out. I haven’t done that in months now,” Nicole went on to say.   

She added that she also has a job and is saving money by living with her mom at the moment.

What about the $6,000?

Nicole and Azan with her daughter May
Nicole and Azan from 90 Day Fiancé with her daughter May | TLC

Fans have also been wondering about the $6,000 that Nicole supposedly gave Azan. On the show, she said that she was giving him the money to open a store in his native Morocco. But it turns out, there was no money. “I don’t actually have $6,000 to give him,” she said.

“I don’t know why we said that,” Nicole admitted, explaining that it was just something she said during the show to change the subject during a conversation about her wedding. But she admits that if that money really did exist, she’d probably have used to get married.  

“If there was $6,000, we would have had a nice-*ass wedding,” she said.  

Nicole did admit that she might occasionally give Azan some cash, but that doesn’t amount to much. “Occasionally I’ll help him out a little bit, but I don’t send him a lot at all,” she said.

She says she’s done with the show

Nicole had one more major bombshell to drop during her chat with Yates.

“I’m not going to be going on another season after this,” she revealed. She also admitted that she wished she’d done some things differently on the show.

As for viewers who question her mental state or who think Azan is leading her on, she had a simple response. “Do I look delusional?”

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