Does Camilla Parker Bowles Have Any Royal Authority Over Duchesses Meghan and Kate?

Growing up, if our parents asked us to do something, we listened. And in the British Monarchy, if Queen Elizabeth asks a royal to do something, they listen. Prince Charles is the father of Prince William and Prince Harry, and he’s always been the one they obeyed growing up. However, for most of their childhoods, the princes had an issue with Prince Charles’ wife, Camilla Parker Bowles.

Over the years, the brothers smoothed things out with their step-mother. The brothers then grew up and went on to marry their own wives; Prince William married Duchess Kate Middleton, and Prince Harry married Duchess Meghan Markle. Now, it appears the three duchesses have grown fairly close. But does Duchess Camilla, as Prince Charles’ wife, have any authority over her step-daughters-in-law?

Duchess Camilla, Duchess Meghan, Duchess Kate
Duchess Camilla, Duchess Meghan, and Duchess Kate at Trooping the Colour in 2019 | Samir Hussein/WireImage

Camilla seems to have a good relationship with Meghan and Kate

All things considered, the three duchesses appear to get along well. Prince Charles quickly took a liking to both duchesses, which is probably what helped establish a relationship between Camilla and the other two women. Plus, Camilla knows firsthand what it’s like to join a family where nobody welcomes you. She most likely made her best effort to get to know the duchesses, not only because she knows what it’s like but also because a relationship with Meghan and Kate likely only brought her closer to Prince William and Prince Harry. And at Trooping the Colour, the women rode in the same carriage, along with Prince Harry, and they were all smiles during the event.

Duchesses Meghan, Kate, and Camilla all rode together during Trooping the Colour.

Camilla was reportedly seen asking Kate to pay attention at a recent event

Though Kate and Camilla don’t typically attend events together, they were recently spotted at Order of the Garter together. However, when Kate was speaking with Queen Maxima of the Netherlands, a video surfaced that appeared to show Camilla asking the two women to pay attention. It’s impossible to hear what Camilla says to the two women, but based on the movements of the women, it looked as though Camilla was reminding the two that something important was about to happen. Kate and Queen Maxima appeared to be making small talk when Camilla interrupted, but it doesn’t mean it was necessarily out of spite or out of authority. It’s possible the two women didn’t realize what was happening, and Camilla was trying to ensure they didn’t look bad.

Realistically, Camilla’s reputation probably prevents her from having much authority over Meghan and Kate

Though Camilla is married to Charles, who has more authority than either of his sons, Camilla probably doesn’t have an equal amount of authority. She was named a duchess when she and Charles wed, rather than a princess, reportedly because of the connection the Princess of Wales title had to Charles’ first wife, Diana. Plus, her reputation both within the family and to the public probably prevents her from having much authority in the royal family. Although she appears to be on good terms with all of the royal family members at this point, it’s unlikely that she would ever have the ability to tell either of the duchesses what to do.