Does Camille Grammer from ‘RHOBH’ Think She Was Attacked at the Reunion?

Camille Grammer from The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills has enjoyed drama-free guest appearances on the show since her first explosive season. The franchise OG has spent several seasons off of the main cast roster as she faced divorce and cancer.

She also lost her home in the Malibu fires. Cameras caught the destruction Grammer encountered as she toured the scorched remains of the home she purchased after her divorce.

Reality star Camille Grammer
Camille Grammer | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Grammer seemed friendlier with the cast at the beginning of the season. But her time as the friendly guest turned sour. She did a little gossiping behind some of the ladies’ backs, which surfaced on a van ride during her wedding. She wasn’t in attendance during the van ride, but eventually, everything caught up to her.

The dinner from hell

When the ladies met for dinner after Grammer lost her home, she wondered why their support turned into an attack. She blogged about the evening and was surprised when Lisa Rinna launched into her. “Why Lisa Rinna needed to make me the target of controversy with the ladies the morning after my wedding still escapes me,” Grammer wrote.

“Their explanation was duplicity. However, duplicity seems ascendant in Beverly Hills as we saw the crew (less the fire victims) go after each other while vacationing in Provence,” Grammer added. She noted how Teddi Mellencamp and Kyle Richards badgered Erika Girardi about not wanting to be with the group.

She regrets being dismissive with Denise Richards’ loss from the fires. But was taken aback by the group pile-on during dinner. “Empathy is apparently still in short supply in the Puppygate Girl Gang as the dinner following the Beverly Beach debut at Kitson turned into a ‘take Camille to task’ outing,” Grammer continued.

Mellencamp doesn’t see it as an attack

Although Grammer felt attacked, Mellencamp doesn’t think it adds up. “It doesn’t make sense that at that last dinner Camille SAYS that she would like to know if she’s done anything wrong,” Mellencamp wrote in her blog.

She believes that Grammer equates being called out to”being attacked” too. “Camille can come tearing into The Agency party like she’s just gathered the last Infinity Stone, but as soon as someone comes back at her she’s being ‘attacked.’ Sounds like she’s picked up someone else’s rule book they must have dropped on their way out…,” she continued.

The final episodes set Grammer up for an explosive reunion

After the first episode of the reunion aired, Grammer tweeted about the group dynamic. “What’s missing in this group #rhobh is the essence of true friendship. You don’t kick someone when their down. You don’t hold them accountable because [they are] are struggle with their personal turmoil.”

She added, “They were holding me accountable for petty slights at a time I was going through grave hardships.” But a fan called her out when she tweeted that she really didn’t like arguing with the ladies. She responded, “I was defending myself after I was ambushed at dinner the night before.”

Grammer also blogged about the first reunion episode too. She made it clear that the ladies came for her. “But, this original Housewife is not one to be intimidated by the current ensemble so I picked myself up by my bootstraps and headed into the lion’s den,” she wrote. “My sense of dread was confirmed by their looks and churlish laughter. They were coming for me.”