Does Caroline Bedol From ‘Below Deck’ Regret Lashing out at Captain Lee?

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Following third stew Caroline Bedol’s dramatic exit from Below Deck, fans are left wondering if she now regrets lashing out at Captain Lee Rosbach on social media.

When a tearful, distraught Bedol approached Rosbach to explain her departure, Rosbach looked concerned and handled the encounter with significant compassion. He sincerely seemed worried about Bedol. And felt it necessary to confront chief stew Kate Chastain about what transpired.

But long after the show wrapped, Bedol and Rosbach exchanged heated tweets. Both parties seemed to be irritated with each other, seeing the other in the wrong. Now that Bedol has left the show and viewed how Rosbach handled the situation following her departure, does she regret her tweets toward Rosbach?

Both claim the reunion will bring the truth to the surface

Either the viewers weren’t privy to what really happened. Or each side wants to explain their position, but Bedol and Rosbach tweeted about truth-telling during the reunion. When a fan tweeted, “Can’t wait for the reunion!!!” Rosbach responds, “Oh, me either, I am salivating like you would not believe. Can’t hide from the truth.”

But that’s when Bedol gets involved, “Exactly. Can’t hide from the truth, sir. Try as you may. The reunion will be the first time you are forced to face it. What you did to me on that boat was horrific. And it will soon come to light. The truth is no friend of yours.”

She then hurled, “Hint: you very well might find yourself questioning everything you believed to be true about him.”

But Bedol said this after her last episode

Following her last show, Bedol took to Twitter and expressed kindness toward Rosbach. She tweeted, “Captain Lee was so kind to me. He saw that I was going to LOSE IT and in a dad voice he soothingly told me, ‘hey, HEY. ITS OK. EVERYONE IS OK. ITS OK. NO WORRIES.’ TRUTHFULLY during the season he was my Cappy. We were pals. He ALWAYS had my back.”

But explains why she is hurt after the show. Bedol responded to a follower’s tweet, “Our exchange has helped me understand why Captain’s failure to stand up for me was so painful. He was so kind to me, he HAD MY BACK. I felt betrayed. I just wanted him to acknowledge that what happened was so, so SO NOT OK. Ty.”

Sorry not sorry

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What a great night for the premier.

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While Bedol’s tone softened on Twitter, she appears to be sticking by her guns. She first doesn’t deny that she could have handled the situation better. “We ALL eff up. Own it. Just own it. I made many mistakes. But I refuse to own my Captain’s mistakes.”

And hints as to why she’s so upset with Rosbach. In addition to feeling as though he gave Chastain a pass on how she was treated, Bedol thinks Rosbach dropped the ball when it came to the broken glass incident. She told one Twitter follower, I IMMEDIATELY got on the radio: ‘CAPTAIN, Captain, Caroline. I BROKE GLASS. HOLD GUESTS ON TENDER. I REPEAT, HOLD GUESTS ON TENDER.’ The guy who preaches radio-safety/the ship’s CAPTAIN TURNED HIS WALKIE TO SILENT.” Plus adds, “The captain effed up badly. It’s not up for debate.”

So maybe Bedol stands by her original tweets? But then again, looks like Rosbach isn’t backing down either. “@Kate_Chastain was right, I should have stuck with my first instincts. My bad.” Looks like game on.

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