Does Christina El Moussa Want More Kids With Ant Anstead?

Since the beginning of 2018, fans have kept close tabs on Christina El Moussa’s relationship with TV presenter Ant Anstead. Most recently, Christina and Ant married in a secret ceremony — and Flip or Flop fans are going wild over their romance. And now we’re all wondering if the 35-year-old HGTV star has more children on the brain now that she’s tied the knot with her new man she’s totally in love with.

Christina already has two kids with her ex-husband, Tarek, but could she possibly want more? Here’s what she’s had to say.

Christina and Ant have two kids each from their previous marriages

We’ve seen Christina and Tarek’s kids before thanks to Flip or Flop, and fans couldn’t get enough of them at the time. Country Living reminds us the ex-couple share two kids, a little girl who is 7 and a boy who is 2. As far as custody is concerned, the publication notes they appear to share the kids equally, and they’ve both promised to co-parent to the best of their ability for the good of their children. In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, Christina said, “What doesn’t work [when you want to] co-parent is to have all that animosity towards each other. … It’s so important to still communicate and show [our] kids that we’re still friends, that we’ll always be a family.”

As for Ant, he also has a little boy and girl of his own. And he’s noted one of the biggest reasons he and Christina chose to marry was to unite their family. According to People, Ant said in regards to the wedding, “We wanted to make it about the kids. It’s the six of us.”

Their relationships with each other’s kids are adorable

Do the kids get along with their new step-parents? It seems they most certainly do. Even Tarek mentioned that he’s happy Ant is now a part of the kid’s lives because they like him, so that’s definitely a good sign. Not only that, but Christina has shared plenty of photos of Ant and her kids having a ton of fun together on various trips and family vacations. In one Instagram post celebrating Ant’s birthday, she also added that her new husband is “an amazing dad to his children and also great with mine.”

Christina also reportedly has a strong relationship with Ant’s kids. Country Living reminds us the HGTV star took a trip to Ireland with Ant’s daughter and son — 15-year-old Amelie and 12-year-old Archie. And in one particular Instagram post of Ant celebrating his son’s birthday, Christina even left her own heartfelt comment. “Such a stud and a gentleman and my new favorite shopping buddy. Love you Archie,” she wrote. We’ve also seen funny posts from Ant detailing Christina and his daughter’s shopping trips, so we know they have a good relationship, too.

Fans suspect Christina’s open to having more children

Christina and Ant just tied the knot and hadn’t been dating for too long before then, so we’re not expecting any baby announcements just yet. However, fans seem to suspect that Christina and Ant might be open to having more children in the future. According to Us Weekly, even before Christina was married, she had a wedding and more kids on the brain back in June 2018. She told the publication, “I would get married again,” and also added that she would “maybe” consider expanding her family. It also depends on what Ant would want, but considering how much he loves Christina and their united family, we wouldn’t be too surprised if a pregnancy announcement is on the way in 2019.

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