Does Collin Gosselin, Jon and Kate Gosselin’s Son, See the 6 Siblings He Doesn’t Live With?

It’s been over a decade since we’ve seen Jon and Kate Gosselin raising their eight kids on Jon & Kate Plus 8. And a ton has changed since the beginning of their time on reality TV, too. Jon and Kate divorced a decade ago, and while Jon has slowly taken himself out of the public spotlight, Kate has remained strong in the reality TV realm and may be slated for a comeback with Kate Plus Date. Fans still have a lot of questions in regards to what their divided family is like now, however, especially since two of the kids live with Jon and the rest live with Kate.

Collin Gosselin, the one child who Kate said was most challenging to raise, now lives with Jon — but does he see his other siblings? Here’s what we know.

Collin Gosselin was always known as being the ‘troubled’ member of the family

Over the years, Kate has been quite vocal about Collin’s alleged behavioral issues. As Kate told People back in 2016, “Collin has special needs. [There’s] a fairly fluid diagnosis of what those needs are, but he needs to learn certain strategies to help him deal with things.” She then went on to explain that Collin’s needs have had a severe impact on her and she’s felt “very alone” in her attempts to get him the help he needs. And, to get him assistance, she also enrolled him in a special program to “help him learn the skills he needs.”

To everyone’s shock, it seems Jon has something else to say in regards to Collin. One fan commented on an Instagram photo of Jon, daughter Hannah, and Collin, “I’d love to know if he actually has ‘special needs,’ or if he just didn’t deal Kate’s BS like we all suspect.” To that, Jon answered, “he is not on any spectrum or special needs.”

Jon Gosselin currently has custody over Collin Gosselin

Toward the end of 2018, Jon ended up winning temporary sole custody of Collin, People reports. Jon and his attorneys submitted papers to court in October that requested Collin live with him full time, and Kate failed to show up to the court date to contest. Jon was ecstatic to win, as this officially means two of his kids would be living with him full time. Hannah was the first of the sextuplets to decide that she no longer wanted to live with Kate or her siblings and instead wished to reside with Jon.

Judging from Jon’s Instagram, it seems Collin’s doing quite well with his father and Hannah. Jon recently posted a photo of him, Hannah, and Collin all smiling to wish all six of the sextuplets (even the ones he may or may not see) a happy birthday. And fans are supportive of Jon as well. “You’re such a good father! You never ask for much except time with your kids! You should be so proud of yourself,” one fan commented on the Instagram post.

Does Collin see Kate or any of his siblings he doesn’t live with?

E! News notes Jon recently had an interview on Morning Express with Robin Meade, and he verified that Hannah and Collin live with him and his girlfriend, Colleen, full time. “We have a house right down the road from Kate’s house,” Jon mentioned. And when he was asked if he ever sees his other six kids who don’t live with him, he noted, “I see them, but I don’t really … don’t have any interaction with the other six.”

It seems Collin also has incredibly limited interactions with his other siblings aside from Hannah, too. Jon continued, “Hannah has more interaction with her siblings and Collin doesn’t. He had one visitation with his other siblings since he’s been back, but we’re working on that as we speak right now.”

Does Collin see Kate at all? A family insider allegedly told Radar Online that Kate has made little effort to reach out to Collin and Collin is content with not seeing Kate. “Collin doesn’t want to see Kate, and so he has not,” the insider said.

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