Does DJ Khaled Have Kids?

It’s amazing that a good chunk of the American public probably only knows DJ Khaled as a social media influencer first and a rapper second. After many popular Hip-Hop albums and a career going back 13 years, the music side of Khaled is very well respected. What about his personal life, though?

If you follow him on social media, you’ll see occasional photos he posts of his family. While some can’t stand to read his social feeds due to excess career promotion, the evidence is strong Khaled is a good father to his boy, Asahd.

Let’s further refine this statement by looking at his son and a few controversial moments he’s created in being extra transparent on social media.

A look at DJ Khaled’s wife, Nicole Tuck, and son, Asahd

Khaled’s wife, Nicole, is considerably private compared to her husband. One reason is she’s his unofficial manager to keep all the business chaos from getting out of hand.

These two have been together for over 11 years. They didn’t have a child, however, until 2016.

Their only child (so far) was a son named Asahd Tuck Khaled. As with any solo child, it seems his father has spoiled him thoroughly. Khaled also hasn’t hesitated to place his son front and center within the entertainment business world.

Some might look at some of the actions Khaled took as controversial and excessive. Others might see it as a doting dad giving his son the best possible life.

Khaled live-streamed his son’s birth

You can see a lot of things Khaled has done to put his son in the limelight, including preparing him for showbiz or future business ventures. One of these is news he and Nicole Tuck trademarked their son’s name for future merchandising already underway.

Whatever you think of that, Khaled put his son on camera from the get-go. He live-streamed the entire birth back in 2016 on Snapchat, something still documented on YouTube forever.

Of course, you’ll always find those who think taping a birth is an invasion of privacy and excessive when posting to a global audience. Whatever you thought of it, you can say it’s the least of the actions Khaled has done to seemingly prepare his son for being famous.

Expensive birthday parties

We’ve certainly covered our share of stories of wealthy celebrities who spoil their children rotten with expensive birthday parties and gifts. The Kardashians made this a normal part of their lives when growing up before scandals hit.

Still, how many fathers rent out an entire baseball stadium for a birthday party? For Asahd’s second birthday in 2018, Khaled used his power to acquire Marlins Park for a day to give his son a carnival-themed birthday he likely never forgot.

To make this more tolerable to many, Khaled used the occasion to kick off Asahd’s Initiative, an organization created to help enrich the lives of kids to adulthood.

Khaled’s relationship with his son

Those who’ve criticized the excessive media spotlight scenarios Khaled set up for his son likely bristled further when Asahd appeared on the cover of his father’s album, Grateful.

No one can deny the title of the album represents Khaled’s feelings about being a dad all the way around. This isn’t to say he hasn’t said direct things about parenthood to the media about wanting to make his family happy and giving his son a financially secure future.

Some positive things Khaled has been doing to set a good example include large donations to hurricane victims, plus taking his son to award shows.

This togetherness sounds like the Jay-Z/BeyoncĂ© family setup where they do everything together with their kids, including tours. Clearly, it’s been worthy of imitation in the music world.