Does Former ‘Teen Mom’ Star Farrah Abraham Have a Boyfriend?

Teen Mom OGmight have parted ways with former cast member Farrah Abraham, but the reality television star is finding fame in other ways — even if they’re a little more controversial. Abraham has had a few boyfriends in the past, including her ex, Simon, who appeared on her season of Ex on the Beach. But is Abraham dating anyone today?

Farrah Abraham
Farrah Abraham | Bryan Steffy/Getty Images

Abraham’s attitude has made her very difficult to work with

Anyone who has ever watched Abraham on television probably knows that her attitude can be a bit difficult to handle. When she was filming Teen Mom OG, she would constantly talk back to her producers and caused a lot of tension among the show’s crew. Her relationship with her mother was always questionable, too. The two women often got into altercations and Abraham had no problem saying offensive things to the woman who raised her. Her attitude was visible once more when she appeared on Ex on the Beach and didn’t get along with much of the cast (though she did warm up to a few people). Eventually, her attitude combined with her time spent in the adult film industry caused MTV to give her an ultimatum with Teen Mom OG, and Abraham chose to leave the show.

She was in a long-term relationship with Simon Saran and later dated Aden Stay

Despite Abraham’s questionable attitude, she has dated several men in the past. The father of Sophia’s daughter, Derek Underwood, died in a car accident back in 2008, so Abraham has raised Sophia by herself. But she hasn’t stayed away from the dating game entirely. Abraham was in a long-term relationship with Simon Saran, who was featured on Teen Mom on several occasions. The two dated for about two years, but things were always on and off between them. However, when it came down to buying an engagement ring, the couple couldn’t work things out and eventually split up.

Sophia’s dad, Derek Underwood, died in 2008.

Abraham then began dating Aden Stay in 2018, but the relationship didn’t last long. The two reportedly only went on two dates, but Abraham suggested Stay was using her for her success. “I need to watch whom I date as many men target me for my success,” Abraham told People last year. However, Stay clapped back at the accusations, saying he never dated Abraham because of her fame.

Abraham appears to only be focusing on her career and her daughter

Right now, Abraham doesn’t appear to be in a relationship with anyone. It seems she’s focusing on her career and raising her 10-year-old daughter. However, Abraham’s fans have criticized the reality star’s parenting skills, specifically regarding some of her social media posts (Abraham’s daughter follows her on Instagram and sees the risqué posts). Despite the criticism, Abraham maintains that her daughter is the most important person in her life, and in addition to that, Abraham also maintains that she has a successful acting career. She’s been involved in the adult film industry and runs a web show where she gives sex advice. She appears to be more focused on those projects than on her dating life.

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