Does It Matter If Kate Middleton Gets Botox?

Many people who are in the spotlight have had at least some sort of plastic surgery or beauty treatments — we all know that. The pressure to look perfect at all times is quite rough, especially for someone who is constantly being photographed, just like Kate Middleton is. Whenever she steps out, whether it be for a major event or if she is spending some quiet time with her three children, Middleton can be sure that the flashbulbs will be going off like crazy. Although the Duchess of Cambridge is stunningly gorgeous no matter what, it can’t be easy for her knowing that she is always being watched.

Most of us don’t have to worry about looking completely put together all the time. For Middleton; however, it is a completely different story. Her appearance is often the subject of headline news, and given that she is only human, she even has a wardrobe malfunction from time to time. And, more importantly, we should remember that just because Kate is a member of the royal family does not mean that she won’t age at all! There has been recent speculation that the Duchess of Cambridge has turned to Botox in order to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Does it matter if she did?

Kate Middleton has always been beautiful

Kate Middleton
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Even when she is not carrying out royal duties, and we see the duchess in casual clothes and minimal makeup, there is no denying the fact that Kate is, and always has been, extremely attractive. With creamy skin, hair that is envied by the entire world, and a smile that can light up any room, the future queen is a natural beauty. When she first appeared on the scene as the girlfriend of Prince William, Middleton was still a college student in her early 20s and didn’t have to worry about the effects of aging just yet.

A British plastic surgeon has suggested that Kate Middleton got botox

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Today The Duchess of Cambridge visited @bletchleyparkuk, the home of British codebreaking — which played a major role in secret intelligence gathering during the Second World War, producing secret information which had a direct and profound influence on the outcome of the war. The Duchess joined joined schoolchildren for an immersive workshop (using a real Enigma Machine used during the Second World War), which saw them take on the role of codebreakers in June 1944, intercepting and deciphering German communications in order to understand their order of battle and decide whether the Operation Fortitude deception plans have been successful. She also met Bletchley Veterans Elizabeth Diacon, Georgina Rose, Audrey Mather and Rena Stewart, who all worked to feed crucial information to Allied forces in the critical months, weeks and days leading up to D-Day during #WW2. The Duchess’s own Grandmother and Great Aunt, Valerie and Mary Glassborow, both worked at Bletchley during the War — and have become the latest additions to Bletchley’s Codebreakers’ Wall of Honour. Bletchley’s new exhibition ‘D-Day: Interception, Intelligence, Invasion’, based on newly declassified material, shows how the intelligence effort coordinated at the site helped specifically in the success of the D-Day landings at Normandy, part of their work to bring together the past and the present, with a nod to the future.

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A London-based plastic surgeon recently posted before and after pictures of the duchess, suggesting that she is a client at the establishment where he does business, Page Six reports. Referring to the duchess as “our Kate,” he uses the photographs to point out her improved appearance as a way of promoting a procedure called “Baby Botox.” The surgeon went on to say that he couldn’t actually say if Middleton was a client of his or not, however, he didn’t hesitate to highlight exactly what he thinks that she may have had done.

Kensington Palace denies the rumors

The surgeon that made the claims regarding Middleton and the “baby Botox” never actually confirmed that the Duchess of Cambridge was the person to whom he was referring. In addition to this, Kensington Palace is also denying that the rumors are true. Why are they so adamant in saying that Middleton did not have the procedure done? According to Insider, a palace spokesperson says that the royal family members “do not support commercial activity.” As we know, the royals have strong values and take them very seriously.

Does it matter if Kate Middleton gets Botox?

It should not make a bit of difference if Middleton decided to get Botox done. This is a personal decision that she, just like everyone else, shouldn’t have to go out of her way to defend. Procedures like Botox are designed to not only to help people look better but to help them feel better about themselves as well. She may be royalty, but that doesn’t mean that Middleton doesn’t deserve to treat herself to what she wants! Lots of people get Botox done, and if Middleton wants to do the same, we wish her the best.