Does Jana Duggar Have a Job? This is What the Oldest Duggar Daughter Does for a Living

People just can’t stop wondering about Jana Duggar. The eldest Duggar daughter is almost 30, yet she still hasn’t gotten married or started a family yet. Fans are baffled by her behavior – after all, her adult sisters are married and having babies. What is Jana doing?

A single woman in her late 20s isn’t strange at all today. But then again, the Duggars aren’t like other families in general. As most people learned from the hit show 19 Kids and Counting and the spinoff, Counting On, the family follows a strict set of religious rules in their family. Dating before marriage is forbidden. So is kissing, spending time with members of the opposite sex without a chaperone, and women living out of their parent’s home when they’re unwed. This explains why Jana Duggar is almost 30 years old but still lives at home. Fans even call her “Cinderella Duggar” since she’s expected to sacrifice her time for her family.

There are rumors swirling that Jana Duggar may announce her courtship soon. In the meantime, here’s what she’s doing for work.

Jana Duggar
Jana Duggar | Jana Duggar via Instagram

Why is Jana Duggar still single?

One thing the Duggars don’t do? Arranged marriages. While the family patriarch Jim Bob may have a hand in introductions and provide his kids council, at the end of the day they choose their own spouses. Jana hasn’t found anyone worthy of marrying yet. And that’s just fine.

Jana is the oldest girl in the family and has a twin brother named John David. Her twin waited a long time to get married too, compared to Duggar standards (he just tied the knot in November 2018). But it’s still less of a stigma for men to marry later compared to women. People weren’t as concerned about her brother.

Jana and John David recently turned 29. They were born on January 12, 1990.

What does Jana do all day?

Since Jana Duggar is unmarried, she’s currently living at home and still sharing a room with her sisters (in the Duggar household, children don’t have their own rooms, but rather there’s a large room for boys and one for girls). She recently shared on Instagram that she maintains a small “nook” in the home where she goes to relax. But other than that, Jana doesn’t have her own space.

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The main thing Jana does is help her mother care for the children. This is common practice in large families – the older kids pitch in with the younger ones. That’s really the only way someone with 19 children can make it work, aside from finding hired help.

Michelle Duggar shared a controversial post a few years ago and referred to Jana as a “concert pianist.” Jana does play the piano at church events, but so far there’s no evidence that she earns money doing it.

Jana also took midwife training just like her sister, Jill Duggar. Some people pointed out that she took a shorter version of the course and doesn’t qualify as a full midwife, but that didn’t stop her from being around for some of the births of her nieces and nephews.

Jana Duggar has also volunteered at the local firehouse along with her brother, John David, in the past.

Will Jana Duggar ever get a real job?

Duggars aren’t like many other women in society. Instead of going to college and pursuing careers, they choose motherhood as their ultimate vocation. That’s probably why Jana hasn’t made it a priority to find work beyond helping with her siblings – she knows that one day soon she’ll be a full-time wife and mother. We’ll find out soon enough.