Does Jax from ‘Vanderpump Rules’ Really Wear Shoe Lifts to Look Taller?

Vanderpump Rules aired in 2013 as a spin-off of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The show centers around Lisa Vanderpump, who owns an exclusive Hollywood lounge and restaurant called SUR. As per her own words, SUR is “the sexiest establishment ever owned and the place to take your mistress.”

The show is just as edgy as that statement makes it seem, and the unruly cast has a lot of dirty secrets. A lot of these secrets were revealed to fans during a recent show of Watch What Happens Next with Andy Cohen. During a game of what Cohen called ‘Dirty Little SURcrets,’ the show’s men had some of their dirty laundry aired.

What is Dirty Little SURcrets?

The game was created by Andy Cohen to see just how much the men from Vanderpump Rules knew about their female significant others. The women answered some trivia questions about themselves, and then the men had to guess the correct answer. If they answered correctly, they were safe.

When the men answered incorrectly, however, their significant other got to tell a dirty little secret about them. Danny, the show’s announcer, was waiting in the wings with information the girl’s had provided. Some interesting information came to light during this not-so-innocent game.

Does Jax really wear shoe lifts to look taller?

One of the biggest secrets revealed was that Jax Taylor actually wears shoe lifts to look taller. The reality television personality is already six foot, but he has inserts placed into the heels of his shoes to make him appear even taller. Fun fact: it was revealed that the 5’11” Sandoval also wears shoe lifts to look taller.

Jax was blatantly and adamantly upset when his secret was revealed. After his jaw dropped, he heatedly declared that “I swear to God, we told people we would kill them if they told!” Tom Sandoval, on the other hand, didn’t seem nearly as upset that his secret was leaked. This is interesting, since Sandoval is the shorter of the two.

What secret was revealed about Schwartz?

Jax was not the only Vanderpump Rules guy to have his secrets aired on national television. When Schwartz incorrectly guessed that Katie’s first childhood pet was a dog named Bella, he had to have a secret revealed, too. The big Schwartz secret? He cries each time he is hungover. Both Jax and Sandoval confirmed this to be a fact. FYI: Katie says her first pet was a goldfish named Sanka.

Jax has more secrets spilled

Jax Taylor
Jax Taylor | Jax Taylor via Instagram

As if the world knowing you wear shoe lifts isn’t embarrassing enough, Jax missed yet another question about his significant other, Brittany. When he missed his second question, the world learned that Jax becomes so frightened during scary movies that he insists Brittany come with him to the bathroom and check it before he goes in.

Although he took this reveal better than the first (although we aren’t sure why), he looked as though he wanted to disappear into the couch. We can’t say we blame him. I mean, shouldn’t he be the one protecting Brittany from ghosts in the bathroom, after all?

Which guy did the best in the game?

With so many dirty little secrets revealed about the cast, fans naturally wonder who did the best. Obviously, it wasn’t Jax. He missed every question that Andy Cohen had for him about Brittany. Schwartz missed one question, but otherwise did okay.

Sandoval, on the other hand, answered every question correctly about Ariana – making him the winner and the one most in tune with his girl. Unfortunately for him, Sandoval had a secret revealed even with all his questions answered correctly!