Does Jeff Lewis From ‘Flipping Out’ Regret Feuding With Jenni Pulos?

Jenni Pulos and Jeff Lewis

UNIVERSAL CITY, CA – MAY 12: Actress Jenni Pulos and actor Jeff Lewis arrive at The Cable Show 2010 “An Evening With NBC Universal” on May 12, 2010 in Universal City, California. (Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images)

Some things you really do regret. On the final episode of Flipping Out, a painful confrontation between Jeff Lewis and longtime friend and assistant Jenni Pulos left fans wondering if the two would ever make up.

Lewis is known for his harsh smackdowns with both friends and employees. He’s explosively parted ways with former partners (Ryan Brown). Plus he had a contentious relationship with longtime housekeeper (and mother figure) Zoila Chavez. So why does this falling out seem to hurt so much more?

Pulos was there from day one

As employees and friends came and went, Pulos was on the series from the beginning. She was the calm face behind the Lewis as he “flipped out” on the show. She held that title throughout the series, even though she experienced her own personal drama. Her first husband Chris Elwood appeared alongside Pulos on the show. And the couple underwent a painful divorce with Lewis showing support for Pulos.

Pulos was also an advocate when the economy crashed and Lewis had to pivot his business to design. Plus the friends supported each other during the birth of babies and Pulos getting remarried.

But Lewis liked to hammer away at Pulos

For years Pulos seemed immune to Lewis’ tantrums, which could often be harsh and hurtful. Even when Lewis ranted at Pulos about an error, she’d be stoic and avoid taking his anger personally. Although Pulos was Lewis’ executive assistant, her acting and musical talents were on display throughout the 11 seasons.

Not only is she responsible for the Watch What Happens Live theme song, she also has 36 acting credits to her name. She eventually became a Flipping Out producer, which was nominated for an Emmy. And while Lewis seemed lowkey fine with Pulos’ other career, he made it clear he didn’t want it to interfere with her job at Jeff Lewis Design.

Everything finally came to a head

In front of client Lea Black and two staff members, Pulos and Lewis had it out. Both friends cited hurt feelings as Pulos asserted that working for Lewis held her back from her acting career. And Lewis insisted Pulos was embarrassed being his assistant.  Lewis hit hard, saying that Pulos lied about having a successful acting career when she said she turned down a project to work with Nicholas Cage.

To make matters worse, the entire argument went down inside a crowded car. Everyone looks uncomfortable, with Black nervously laughing and telling Lewis to stop telling Pulos she is lying. While the season ends with Pulos and Lewis deciding to go their separate ways, the feud only later heated up.

The fall out was brutal

Lewis seemed to lash out publicly saying the entire relationship was a fraud for the show and that Pulos hadn’t worked for him in years, People reports. He also said Pulos hurled a wrongful termination and abuse allegation against him. Which, he claims, was going to ruin his career. He also threw shade her way when the season premiered. He took a red pen and drew an “X” over Pulos’ face in a cast photo, which he posted to social media.

Months later, Lewis is now in full regret. On his  Sirius XM radio show Jeff Lewis Live,  he said watching the show was “uncomfortable” and “sad” because “it is so raw,” People reports. “There are a lot of editors that have their hands on this show and I’ve never seen the show just be filmed in real time,” he said. “We film thousands and thousands of hours of TV that gets edited and manipulated but this was like a real, true, documentary.”

And he is filled with regret

He now thinks he should have kept his mouth shut. “I have looked at this episode and I have had a lot of time to think about it and I wish I would have handled it differently,” he said. “I probably should have not called her out in front of other people because that really embarrassed her.”

Also, “It wasn’t worth losing a friendship over,” Lewis continued. “So I have deep regrets about that.” Pulos appeared on Watch What Happens Live and host Andy Cohen admitted this breakup hit him harder than most. “I watched the finale and I was like wow, it was like watching my parents splitting up, I don’t like it,” he says.

Any hope these two crazy kids might work it out? Maybe. “I wish him the best, I always have,” Pulos said.

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