Does Jennifer Aniston Ever Speak to Her Ex-Husband, Justin Theroux?

Jennifer Aniston is a perennially popular movie star, with beauty, style, and charm for days. She makes headlines for her personal life as much as for her movie roles, and her high-profile relationships have included partnerships with many other A-list celebrities.

Lately, the breakdown in her marriage to Justin Theroux has caused a flurry of Aniston updates, and recent revelations have disclosed that Aniston and Theroux are in a very surprising place in their relationship.

Jennifer Aniston’s past relationships

Jennifer Aniston first burst onto the Hollywood scene in the late ’90s, in the iconic television show Friends, although she had been working consistently in films since the early 1990s. Her first high-profile pairing was with fellow actor Tate Donovan, and they dated from 1995 – 1998. After the dissolution of her relationship with Donovan, Aniston started seeing Brad Pitt, who was also on his way to superstardom. They married in 2000, and for five years, were considered Hollywood’s “golden couple.”

In 2005, they broke the fan’s hearts when they announced their separation. Speculation that the marriage broke down over Pitt’s relationship with his Mr. & Mrs. Smith costar, Angelina Jolie, was confirmed when Pitt stepped out with Jolie before his divorce to Aniston was final. While fans of Aniston were angry with Pitt, just as many tabloid stories were full of pity for Aniston, wondering when she would herself move on. For a few years following the divorce, Aniston had a series of brief relationships with celebs like John Mayer, but it wasn’t until she started dating actor Justin Theroux in 2011 where she seemed to really find true love.

How often do Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux talk?

For a while, it seemed as though Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux would be content with dating and living together. However, after their engagement in 2012, it seemed as though things were really moving to the next level. The pair shared houses, pets, and a busy lifestyle, all while dodging paparazzi questions about their wedding and any possible baby plans.

In 2015, they shocked the world by announcing that they had gotten married in a secret ceremony at their home. Over the next three years, Aniston and Theroux seemed to be the picture of married bliss, but apparently, all was not as it seemed. In February 2018, they released a joint statement saying that they were still the best of friends but had decided to end their marriage.

While fans were left wondering what went wrong, the two went their separate ways. Recently, a source claimed that not only are Aniston and Theroux no longer good friends but that following their divorce, they didn’t maintain communication at all. The source revealed that Aniston and Theroux have both gone back to their pre-married lives and have completely moved on, with no tension or anger on either side.

What’s next for Jennifer Aniston?

The revelation about Aniston and Theroux seems to be supported by the fact that Aniston has given interviews claiming that to her mind, both of her relationships have been successful by her definition. Aniston has also stated that while the media seems determined to paint her as a miserable woman who can’t keep a man and doesn’t have children, she’s open to whatever the future may hold, whether that future includes children.

Aniston turned 50 on February 11th, and while that’s older than the average first-time mother, more and more women are choosing to have children later in life. Whatever comes next for Jennifer Aniston, there’s no doubt that fans will continue to track her every move.