Does Jimmy Fallon Have Any Children?

Imagine being the child of a late-night host and the excitement of being able to boast about it to fellow students at school. Well, maybe Jimmy Fallon‘s kids are a little too young for such a thing (at the moment), but they may be able to in another few years.

If you’ve lost track of Fallon’s family life, he does have kids. Now in his mid-40s, Fallon has become a typical, gloating middle-age dad all while balancing the potential of becoming a late-night TV icon.

Jimmy Fallon
Jimmy Fallon | Andrew Lipovsky/NBC

While rumors keep popping up about the ratings war between Fallon and Colbert, both keep things grounded with their families. Fallon’s kids are sometimes talked about by the host on the show, making us wonder if his kids might make a guest appearance someday.

Fallon’s first daughter

Yes, Jimmy has two daughters, something potentially bewildering for some dads. For more astute fathers, this can benefit and educate them as the only male in the household. After marrying Nancy Juvonen in 2007, it took the Fallon’s five years before succeeding in having children.

It turns out when their first daughter, Winnie, was born in 2013, it was through a surrogate. Somehow, he was able to keep the whole thing quiet, even with the staff on The Tonight Show. Those of you who watched the show that summer likely remember the surprise announcement and Fallon sharing the pics of Winnie Rose Fallon.

Many people still assume Fallon named his daughter after Winnie the Pooh. This isn’t true, and it really came from Lake Winnipesaukee in New Hampshire, a favorite vacation spot for Jimmy, including where he proposed to his wife.

The couple only waited a year to have yet another daughter.

Fallon’s second daughter

Talk about some original and classy names for Fallon’s daughters. A little over a year later, he and Nancy Juvonen had a second daughter they named Frances Cole Fallon.

Once again, this daughter was born by surrogate, and once again they kept things quiet until the birth took place. Had it been five years later, then they probably wouldn’t have been able to keep the secret from leaking. We’re just glad they were able to enjoy keeping it under wraps to avoid the media ruining the surprise.

Only a year and a half younger than Winnie, Frances is basically on the same growth trajectory as her sister. Fallon has reached the point where he has to face the emotion of his kids no longer being toddlers. They are ready to start their early preschool education.

Recent evidence gives you a reminder of how fast time goes and whether we’ll be seeing his daughters as teens on The Tonight Show before we can count to ten.

Winnie is heading to kindergarten

We’re seeing some recent media reports of Fallon and his wife helping Winnie go to her first kindergarten class. Nancy reportedly became emotional seeing her daughter taking her first step into getting an education. Jimmy said he tried to keep his cool with the other dads.

No doubt Frances will be starting kindergarten at some point next year as she turns five years old this coming December. As great of a dad as Fallon appears to be, it’s probably going to be tough imagining his daughters heading toward attending regular school.

Will they be pestered in school due to their dad being so famous, or will the Fallons decide on a private education?

No matter what they decide, it’s worth examining what his daughters might be like appearing on The Tonight Show someday as young adults.

Would Fallon’s daughters guest-star on his show?

It’s not always out of the question to have the children of famous hosts show up as guests or at least siblings. Seth Meyers made his parents and his brother celebrities appearing on Late Night. Jimmy Kimmel used the heart procedure his infant son had as a rallying cry toward better health care in America.

Try to envision Jimmy Fallon having his daughters on the show in another decade or 15 years and what kind of an interview that would be. By then, Fallon will likely be in the Carson category of being a true late-night legend. Hearing how Winnie and Frances saw this come about from home would be one personal interview for the ages.