Does Jinger Duggar Have Fertility Problems? Why Some Fans Think So

We’ve been watching the Duggar family for years thanks to TLC shows like 19 Kids and Counting — and presently, we’re still wondering what the family’s up to with Counting On. Most of us remember the show following the lives of Jim Bob Duggar, Michelle Duggar, and their ultra-large, conservative family. While some of their lot of 19 kids weren’t even alive when the show first began, today, the Duggars are growing up fast — and many of our favorite teens from 19 Kids, like Jinger Duggar, now have families of their own.

Jinger Duggar appears to be happily married and has a child of her own, but fans are starting to wonder if she has fertility issues that the public isn’t aware of. Here’s why fans are speculating.

Jinger did not get pregnant immediately after marrying her husband Jeremy

The Duggars don’t just date for fun — they court with the purpose of (hopefully) finding the perfect husband or wife. Jim Bob is typically the one who sets the rules for Duggar courting, and these rules include no touching, no frontal hugging, and certainly no kissing. Typically due to these rules, the Duggar brides and grooms seem anxious to finally kiss on their wedding day — and it’s not uncommon for them to have children right away, either.

While some Duggars have announced a pregnancy just weeks after their marriage ceremony, Jinger was a totally different case. After saying her vows to Jeremy Vuolo in November 2016, In Touch Weekly reminds us it was nearly a year later when she finally announced she was pregnant. While some fans saw this as a conscious choice of Jinger’s, others speculated that she could have had trouble conceiving. Getting pregnant was never difficult for mom Michelle Duggar, but she definitely had complications during the births of a few of her children. This led many fans to believe that perhaps the issues could extend to pregnancy for the Duggar daughters.

She could be using birth control, however

Many fans were quick to assume Jinger may be having issues with her fertility and that’s why she waited to have a baby — but others think she may just be using a form of birth control, In Touch Weekly reports. Jinger has always been known for taking a more modern path through life (she’s moved away from the family home and worn pants, after all), so this shouldn’t be too shocking. Even so, many wonder what her mother, Michelle, would think of her turning to birth control to prevent pregnancy. Michelle has spoken in the past about how she’s a firm believer in allowing God to determine how many children she has, and birth control is possibly one way of going against God’s wishes.

Whatever is going on with Jinger — whether she’s holding off on having more kids by choice or not — fans are showing their support. As In Touch Weekly reports one fan said, “You don’t know why she didn’t get pregnant right away, whether it was by choice or they were having trouble for some reason or if she’s had miscarriages.” And another fan mentioned, “Do you know how awful it is to be constantly questioned about when you’ll have kids?”

Now, some suspect she could be pregnant with baby No. 2

In July 2018, People reported that Jinger and Jeremy had given birth to a healthy baby girl, Felicity. And while the couple may not have gotten pregnant as soon as they were married, speculation is swirling that Jinger may be ready for baby No. 2. In Touch Weekly reports rumors were swirling that Jinger may be pregnant again because she was photographed drinking tea instead of her usual coffee. As one fan commented, “Tea?! Not coffee! Wow!” And another questioned, “She’s drinking tea and not coffee…is she pregnant?”

Not only that, but In Touch Weekly also reported that fans were speculating her possible pregnancy after Jeremy posted a recent photo of Jinger seemingly strategically holding their daughter right in front of her belly. Considering Jessa just announced her pregnancy with her third child after concealing her belly in photos for months, it doesn’t seem like it’s too far-fetched to assume Jinger may be doing the same.

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